EU does not Find the Agreement on the Measures Diesel Oil Flies to its Highest Level since 2014

The rise in fuel prices continues. According to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in self-service mode gasoline reached € 1.746 per liter, diesel fuel at 1.608 and LPG at 0.826. According to the analysis of the Consumer Union, the price of diesel is at its highest since 2014. The situation, with the high bills, was on the table of the extraordinary Council of EU Energy Ministers in Luxembourg, which however did not reach a understanding.

Not even the warning launched at the start of the summit by European Commissioner Kadri Simson that there is “no indication that prices could fall” has stirred member states. It will be discussed again in December, in the hope that the commission’s new package on the decarbonisation of the gas market and the hydrogen market will break the deadlock at the last leaders’ summit in 2021.

The EU ministers arrived at the European quarter of the Grand Duchy on the wave of divisions. Just a few hours earlier, a document signed by Germany and eight other countries had put the hawks’ niet on paper to any reform of the European energy market. And shortly before the ministerial, the ‘liberal’ front had also obtained the support of Belgium and Sweden. Spain presented itself with an ambitious ‘non-paper’ in which, among the proposals, the separation of electricity prices from gas prices, the implementation of anti-speculative measures on the Ets market and the possibility for a country member to intervene autonomously in the formation of energy prices.

“The current market is the best system to guarantee green energy, we cannot make decisions too fast”, underlined Simson while from Madrid, the Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni remarked that the countermeasures to expensive bills must be “temporary” and ” they must respect the single market “. Italy presented itself in Luxembourg moving with caution. It is above all to the voluntary purchase of common gas stocks that Rome is aiming for in the short term.

Energy prices peak, EU: “There are no elements that indicate a decline”

“This mechanism must be designed in such a way as to favor competition between producers, minimizing market distortions”, explained the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, underlining how the measures taken by the government are in line with the interventions suggested by the commission in mid-October: the aim is to protect the most vulnerable and businesses. An objective that remains the only point in common that emerged from the summit. “A consensual position has not emerged regarding the interventions that must be applied at EU level”, admitted at the end of the meeting Jernej Vrtovec, minister of Slovenia who is the current president of the Union.

Cingolani has guaranteed on gas reserves in Italy. In short, no blackout on the horizon. But prices, meanwhile, are flying. “The trend of the fuel price lists now represents an emergency, with petrol and diesel oil costing today more than 21% more than at the beginning of the year”, reports Assoutenti. “The real risk is that the wave of price increases and the higher costs caused by expensive gasoline will lead to a reduction in household spending during the upcoming Christmas holidays, with devastating effects for the national economy which is just now recovering after the crisis. caused by Covid “.

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