Exclusive Flash Updater for the new Windows 10

Microsoft has completed the Windows 10 November update and begins public distribution – as always in waves.

For nearly three weeks, Microsoft had completed the development of the next Windows 10 update and initially provided version 1909 on hidden web servers. Now came the official release of the November 2019 update in Redmond.

To install the 1909 update, click Start and Settings, then Update and Security and Check for updates. With a little luck, the November update is already released for your PC and can be installed immediately. Otherwise, bring Windows up to date and then try again. However, since Microsoft is likely to wave the November update back, it can take a few days, sometimes weeks or even months, to make it available to your PC. In this case, speed up the operation using the COMPUTER PICTURE flash updater. The exclusive tool loads the Windows 10-1909 download directly from the hidden Microsoft servers and starts the installation process. Please note several things before installing the November 2019 update: Install all available patches for your current version of Windows. Remove all USB sticks or memory cards from the device, as this may interrupt the installation. And for your own safety, make a backup of the most important documents in advance. According to Microsoft, all programs and files are preserved, but for sure it is safe.

Windows 10 1909 Download: Flash Updater for the new Windows 10 is here!

Windows 10: 1909 update just a small step

According to Microsoft, version 1909 basically does not differ from its predecessor, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903). Both versions will therefore receive the same cumulative updates in the future and have the same build end number – this is the part behind the point. As a result, the May 2019 update (version 1903) can be seen from build number 18362, while the November 2019 update (version 1909) is numbered 18363. Interesting: The latest version of the May 2019 update, Build 18362.418, already contained all the novelties of the November update – but these were still disabled. For the upcoming update, this means that Microsoft is only distributing a few kilobytes activation patch, which will increase the build number from 18362 to 18363 and enable the new features. This is according to experience very fast and easy.