Experiences that Make Employees Happy

This sense of security has both physical and psychological. Physiological security comes from the company providing employees with a safe working environment, and personal health and life will not be harmed. Some special types of work in manufacturing enterprises, coal industry, and real estate industry do have personal safety issues. Only by ensuring the safety of employees can we create higher performance.

The employee’s psychological security stems from the leader’s recognition of the employee’s value on the one hand, making him feel that he is competent for the job, and he is confident in his heart that he will not be fired or replaced at any time. Of course, this sense of security also stems from employees’ self-confidence in their own abilities.

Comfortable working environment

This comfort is external on the one hand and internal on the other.

The working environment in some industries is destined to be uncomfortable. For most companies, doing everything possible to create a comfortable working environment for employees is conducive to improving work performance and improving employee happiness. For example, the temperature, lighting, color, decoration design, height of tables and chairs in the office will affect the comfort of employees.


Satisfaction of salary and benefits

Whether an employee is satisfied with the existing salary and benefits not only affects his happiness, but also an important factor that affects his stay. Companies must not only take into account the fairness of internal and external remuneration and the growth of employee compensation, but also the individualization and diversification of employee benefits, so that employees can feel the company’s recognition of employee value and more careful and comprehensive returns. It is heard that Dong Mingzhu wants every employee to have a house, and Harbin Pharmaceutical has provided all the senior executives’ families with various commercial insurances, so that they will have no worries.

A sense of care for physical and mental health

As a company, do you care about the physical and mental health of employees; as a leader, do you care about the physical and mental health of subordinates; whether employees care for and condolences in time when they are sick; if employees are in a bad mood, do they consciously ask what is happening and give timely guidance and help. Especially single employees or employees with high family pressure, if they can get the care of the company and the leaders, they will surely turn gratitude into motivation for work.

For example, many companies conduct regular physical examinations for employees every year to find potential diseases in time, purchase commercial medical insurance for employees, and reimburse all disease expenses; some companies are equipped with fitness equipment or vent rooms, etc., and introduce EAP services; some set up incentive mechanisms to encourage Employees insist on fitness and so on.

Sense of match

As a leader arrange tasks for his subordinates, on the one hand, he needs to consider the matching of abilities, that is, it is not overkill or overkill. It is good to be a little challenging, but it should not be completely beyond the reach of the staff. On the other hand, you must also consider whether the employee likes the task, especially the post-90s and post-95s. If you ask him to do something that he dislikes, he is likely to delay, delay in completing the task, or perfunctory. .

The pleasure of getting along with colleagues

The pleasure of getting along with colleagues, especially the enjoyment between the boss and the subordinates, will directly affect the staying of employees. This not only requires managers to continuously improve management art, improve management style and communication methods, let go of authority, and dilute the concept of hierarchy, but also build a fair, just, friendly and mutually helpful, harmonious corporate culture and team culture, so that employees can collaborate more comfortably and joyfully. Only working in a communicative atmosphere can stimulate more potential and creativity.

Transparency of information communication

Let employees clearly understand the company’s development, the company’s core values, vision, mission, short- and medium-term development strategies, their job content and responsibilities, performance appraisal methods, work processes, and internal communication channels from the start of their employment. And communication mechanisms. In addition, employees must be aware of their future career development direction and the ways in which they can improve their abilities and positions.

Work flow efficiency

The design of the work process is a subject of knowledge. It is not only scientific and reasonable, but also efficient. It is often heard that the reimbursement process of some large companies, the payment process is very slow, which will not only affect the feelings of employees, but also the feelings of partners. Too many approval procedures are set up, which often leads to inefficient processes. A decision is determined to be executed at the end. If the cycle is too long, the best competitive opportunity will often be missed. Employees have some innovative suggestions, and if they are delayed in getting feedback, they will also greatly affect their enthusiasm for innovation.

A sense of support for teamwork

In any organization, various departments and different positions within the team need to support and cooperate with each other. If employees can feel that other departments cooperate well in the process of completing an important project or goal together, they will inevitably be affected. Supporters are more passionate to develop customers. For example, the human resources department must timely cooperate with other departments’ talent recruitment needs, the marketing department must cooperate with the sales department’s brand promotion and resource development work, and the pre-sales consulting department must cooperate with sales proposals to customers, so as to effectively help sales to get orders, etc. .

More and more managers have returned to the concept of “people-oriented”, advocating that management starts from human nature, and respecting and releasing human nature to the greatest extent seems to have become the consensus of employee management in the new era.