Facebook: “Basque Separatism is an Important Part of the Identity of the People

Under the title of Planting Face to Hate, Facebook announces that it will prohibit all kinds of “enlightenment, support or representation” of separatism or white nationalism. A prohibition that, according to the social network has explicitly stated, will not affect “Basque separatism” which qualifies as “an important part of the identity of the people”.

Facebook equates the Basque separatist movement of ETA.

A comparison on which Facebook wanted to rectify after the publication of this article in THE WORLD. “Our reference to Basque separatism is only a recognizable example of a movement that will not be affected by our new policies, with no intention of comparing it with another kind of national pride, and we apologize for any confusion that may have caused,” sources say. .

The American social network repeatedly states that it does not tolerate content that encourages discrimination. “Our company policies have long banned hatred towards other people based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity or religion,” they say.

An editorial policy against hate that Mark Zuckerberg’s company claims to have expanded with respect to the standards they have been using to date. “In principle we did not apply the same logic to manifestations of white nationalism and separatism because they were thinking about broader concepts of nationalism and separatism, such as the pride of being from the US or Basque separatism, which is an important part of the identity of the people, “they say on their website.

Facebook claims to have maintained “three months of conversations with members of civil society and academic experts” before making the decision to fight against white nationalism and separatism.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has a blacklist of “hate figures” that is part of his policy of “Dangerous individuals and organizations” and claims that his own “revision of hate figures and organizations further revealed the overlap between the white nationalism, separatism and white supremacy. ”

Also, Facebook makes some self-criticism by stating that they need to be “better and faster to find and eliminate hate from their platforms” but maintains that the situation has improved over the past.

“Over the past few years we have improved our ability using artificial intelligence to find material from terrorist groups, and last fall, we started using similar tools to extend our efforts against global hate groups, including white supremacists. making progress, but we know we have much to do, “they say.

Facebook is facing serious problems when it comes to moderating content on its platform. The terrorist attack broadcast live on its platform was broadcast in its entirety (17 minutes) and none of the users who saw it reported it for inappropriate content.

After the attack, users tried to upload the video of the massacre to Facebook 1.5 million times, of which 300,000 managed to successfully host the video on the platform.

In addition to machines, Facebook leaves in the hands of subcontractors the moderation of content and many former employees charged with reviewing what people upload to the social network have reported suffering post-traumatic stress as a result of their work.

However, its Facebook algorithm is well trained to detect and censor the appearance of breasts, nipples, asses, nudity and sex, as long as these are not part of a satirical publication, in which case, the nudity of the image would be tolerated by Facebook.

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Under the title of Planting Face to Hate, Facebook announces that it will prohibit all kinds of "enlightenment, support or representation" of separatism or white nationalism.

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