Facebook Messenger, the Preferred Platform for Pedophiles to Share their Sex Videos

According to “The New York Times”, the social network messaging service is related to 12 million reports of child sexual abuse

Since Facebook was born, more than ten years ago, Mark Zuckerberg has struggled to eradicate the sexually explicit and violent content of his platform. However, the results have not been the best, taking into account the huge amount of works of art that have been labeled as pornographic, and the inability of the social network to detect violent videos. «The algorithms that Facebook uses to detect violent and sexual content are not perfect. In cases such as the terrorist attack in New Zealand at the beginning of the year, which was broadcast live on the social network, it is shown that the platform was not able to act on time, ”Lorenzo Martínez, director of the IT consultancy, tells ABC Securízame.

If the social network has been unable to combat this type of content, the same thing happens with child pornography. «The New York Times» published a report on Sunday stating that of the 18.4 million reports of child sexual abuse recorded during 2018, 12 million come from Facebook Messenger. This makes the messaging service of the social network par excellence the favorite of pedophiles to share their content. However, based on its privacy policies, the platform is lacking weapons to change the situation. «You have to differentiate between public and private messaging. If Facebook could read the private messages that users send, that action could be considered spying. That is why they allow them to be encrypted from end to end, so that they cannot even read them, ”says jurist Borja Adsuara to this newspaper.

The social network has been trying to improve its image for some time. Zuckerberg made a statement a few months ago in which he claimed that he intended to improve privacy on Facebook Messenger. Something that is good for users, but also favors criminals operating on the platform. “It is the Police that must intercept pedophiles before they reach the platform. They usually come into contact with them through chats on other pages. That’s where they should stop them. On Facebook it is more difficult, ”says Adsuara.

Although Facebook does not have access to all the content that is published on the platform privately, that does not imply that the company is idly watching how criminals take advantage of their service. “Encryption is a powerful tool for privacy, but that includes the privacy of people who do bad things. When billions of people use a service to connect, some of them will use it badly for really terrible things like child exploitation, terrorism and extortion, ”Zuckerberg said in a statement last March.

«We have a responsibility to work with law enforcement and help prevent them whenever we can. We are working to improve our ability to identify and stop bad actors in our applications by detecting activity patterns or by other means, even when we cannot see the content of the messages, and we will continue to invest in this work, ”concluded the CEO of the social network.

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According to "The New York Times", the social network messaging service is related to 12 million reports of child sexual abuse.

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