Facebook Steals Feature ‘Snap Maps from Snape Chat’

Facebook plans to renovate the Nearby Friends tool by testing a new design that looks almost identical to the Snap Maps service of its rival Bashat, according to a report for the Daily Mail website.

Their friends are close, but the site seems to be hoping to start using the feature by making it more interactive. When it was first launched, users could see a list of friends’ profiles, classified by district, and how far away they were from friends. They were in that approximation location, however, the feature was optional, and was not very popular, according to some users, since its launch four years ago.

The new tested design shows a location for people on a map grouped together by city, and there is still a “View menu” button in the right corner, which opens the old main screen, giving users the ability to see their friends’ approximate location only, not coordinates.

“We are testing a new design for Friends Nearby, a tool people have used over the past four years to meet their friends personally, and people have full control over whether they are using Nearby Friends,” a Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch.