Facebook’s Independent Monitoring Committee to Start in October Verification of Post Deletion Decision

The Observatory was set up in response to criticism of the company’s response to harmful content. Initially, it will validate Facebook and its Instagram post removal decisions and empower the company to recommend policy changes.

Initially, the Oversight Committee will respond to cases where users point out problems over Facebook’s decision to delete posts, but not to cases where the company continues to post the posts pointed out. For this reason, some experts point out that issues such as disinformation and hate speech are of little use. In addition, we will not initially respond to advertisements and group posts, only individual posts. It will determine and respond within 90 days at the longest, but Facebook can also ask for a speedup to 30 days.

A Facebook spokeswoman said election-related content is unlikely to be verified given the time to the November presidential election.

Alan Rusbridger, a member of the commission, said that the Observatory did not validate the decision on President Trump’s post during the pilot phase. He said he took up issues such as nudity and blasphemy.

“Accountable Tech,” an IT industry watchdog, said in a statement released yesterday that it was “too late to address Facebook’s flaws ahead of the presidential election.”

The original 20 members of the Observatory were announced in May, including former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorningschmidt and Yemeni activist and Nobel winner Tawakkol Karman.