Fashion and Comfort at Home

Home fashion clothing looks good when worn like this! Casual design super comfortable, full of fashion sense…

Fresh and fashionable clothing is a more exquisite and generous style for many women to wear. The design of this type of clothing tends to be more delicate and light-toned in the overall color expression. Fashionable and generous colors with exquisite style will make people more excited, especially the matching of these bright-colored clothes.

To spend the day at home in comfort and style, just choose the right pieces.

Spending all day at home, whether to work or to relax, asks for more comfortable clothes. And best of all, you don’t have to give up comfort to look stylish, just choose the right pieces.

The loose fluted shorts are perfect for staying at home, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting. That’s because the wider fabric does not tighten and gives more freedom of movement, not to mention that the versatile modeling makes you ready, in case you need to leave the house.

If you thought that tie dye had been forgotten in the summer, you can bet on the print in your fall / winter productions. And a very stylish way to bet on the trend at home is to use an oversized sweatshirt or a dress. In addition to leaving you warm and comfortable, you can vary the look by leaving your legs bare or choosing pants, if the weather gets cold.

Like tie dye, animal print is also a timeless trend, which combines with different seasons and occasions. But it is worth investing in less obvious ways to make your look more original. If at home you like to use more basic and neutral pieces, how about making your slipper of the day more fashionable.


For those who work from home and like to be better dressed to feel more productive, this legging from Amaryllis is the best choice. With soft and elastic fabric, the piece imitates colored jeans and makes the office look much more comfortable, without losing style.

If you are one of those who love comfortable pajamas to stay at home, this model from Part.B was made to measure. The set of pants and long-sleeved shirt is perfect for the coldest days and the advantage is that if something unforeseen happens, no one says you are wearing pajamas!