Fiat Calls More than 250,000 Cars for Airbag Recall

The campaign involves 2014 and 2015 models of the Uno, Palio, Grand Siena, Doblò, Doblò Cargo and Fiorino vehicles
Stellantis announced a recall of airbags for the Fiat Uno, Palio, Grand Siena, Dobló, Dobló Cargo and Fiorino models. The call involves a total of 251,880 units, all year/model 2014 or 2015.

This recall is part of the global mega-recall of airbags from supplier Takata. According to the company, there is a possibility of degradation of the airbag trigger due to the vehicle’s exposure to high temperatures and absolute humidity. In the event of a collision that results in the airbags firing, there may be an uncontrolled burst of the deflagrator, causing the dispersion of metallic fragments.

Total units: 91,835

Fiat Palio

Non-sequential chassis: E2206072 to F2244381 (production in Brazil) / E4074617 to F4111979 (production in Argentina)

Total units: 66,080

Fiat Grand Siena

Non-sequential chassis: E3165287 to F3229787

Total units: 60,230

Fiat Doblo

Non-sequential chassis: E1112451 to F1123904

Total units: 11,531

Fiat Doblò Cargo

Non-sequential chassis: E2036765 to F2039758

Total units: 2,958

Fiat Fiorino

Non-sequential chassis: E9001680 to F9025269

Total units: 19,246