Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaked

The short video does not however give much information about the smartphone, and rather prefers to recap ‘all the devices that have made the history of the range. Scheduled for next month, the smartphone has been the subject of numerous leaks anyway.

Teaster Samsung Galaxy S21
It’s been several months now that we await the first official speech of Samsung about its next Galaxy S21. This is now done with this short 30-second teaser announcing that “a new Galaxy is pending”. The video does not only take on false airs of prophecy straight from Star Wars, and also allows itself to retrace the history of the iconic range of the Korean firm.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to come back for real information on the future smartphone. Rather than announcing a launch date or a preview of its design, the teaser shows the evolution of the Galaxy S over the course of history. We thus see the very first phone of the family to transform into S2, and so on until arriving at the current S20. “New year, new way of expressing yourself”, we can read at the beginning of the video.

An estimated photo of the next-generation strategic smartphone Galaxy S21 Plus model, which is expected to be released by Samsung Electronics through online unpacking on January 14th, was leaked.

The photo of the Galaxy S21 Plus (+) model released on Twitter by Twitter Ryan Maury QHD (@MauriQHD) on the 30th is almost similar to the rendered image released so far.

The leaked Galaxy S21. / Maury QHD Twitter
Considering that the sticker is attached to the product, it is presumed to be a test product rather than an actual sale.

The leaked device color is phantom violet. Both sides of the Galaxy S21 Plus have a flat, flat display rather than an edge (the side of the screen bent in a curved shape). You can see that the front bezel (border) is noticeably thinner.

The rear triple (three) cameras are arranged in a row with a reduced number of camera pops out. The front camera was equipped with a punch hole, but the size was smaller than the previous one.

The Galaxy S21 Plus is equipped with an FHD+ (2400×1080) resolution display on a 6.7-inch screen. It is known that 8 gigabyte (GB) RAM will be installed along with a 64 million pixel triple (three) camera.

The estimated price of the Galaxy S21 series is  $899. Glaxy S21+ (plus) $1099 Galaxy S21 Ultra $1349 .

Compared to the Galaxy S20 series released last year, the Galaxy S21 and S21+ are $100 (about 100,000 won) cheaper, and the S21 Ultra is 50 dollars (about 50,000 won) lower. The application processor (AP) is equipped with Samsung’Exynos 2100′ or Qualcomm’Snapdragon 888′. Colors will be available in violet, gray, white and pink.

A video that is believed to be an invitation to unpack in January by Samsung Electronics, which unveils the Galaxy S21, was also leaked. The teaser gif file was released before the official invitation was sent.

Looking at this image, a man surfing in the sea appears in a square frame on the left. As the distant sea gets closer, the person riding the surfboard gets closer.

There is a picture taken as a stand. It is presumed to be an image that emphasizes the zoom and camera functions of the Galaxy S21.

He said, “The next Galaxy model will be unveiled on January 14th,” and “Galaxy S21 Unpack will be held on January 14th at 3pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).” It is 0:00 on January 15th in Korean time.

Samsung Electronics is expected to officially launch the Galaxy S21 around the world on the 29th of next month.