The Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Toyota Auris gives way to the Corolla, a name from the past and synonymous with success. This one could be part of it. Hybrid engine and successful style should bring this compact out of anonymity.

Everyone knows the Toyota Prius, but less Auris. However, of the two, it is indeed the second one which is the most diffused, because of its more compact size and its more affordable price. At the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota has announced the third generation of Auris. Before changing his mind a few weeks ago, shortly before the Paris Motor Show: finally, the new compact of the Japanese manufacturer will be named Corolla. This name, lost sight in Western Europe, remains the figurehead of Toyota in international markets. To the point that by combining the eleven generations already marketed, the Corolla claims the title of the best-selling car in history, with more than 41 million copies sold.

The name of Corolla could therefore bring the compact Toyota out of relative anonymity. This especially since it has other assets. Already, his style appears much more flattering than before. In the tradition of the SUV C-HR, Toyota proves that it is able to offer attractive models, and much more original than before. While this Corolla recalls in some ways other models of the market, but the result is attractive.

A Corolla only proposed in hybrid

And above all, the Corolla should convince because of its engines. The Auris it replaces had a hybrid engine. This new engine is now out of reach for any other type of engine, and is even the first model in the category to offer two hybrid engines (non-rechargeable) of different power. This new Corolla will have the power of the recent Prius, which combines an electric motor with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine for a total output of 122 hp. But also a more powerful offer, with a brand new four-cylinder 2.0 liter also hybrid, hitch that will develop a total of 180 hp.

But if the car has all the cards in hand, it does not appear as revolutionary. To settle on board brings the proof. The furniture has a finish in progress and lines more fluid than before. But the perceived quality does not yet equal that of the category references, Volkswagen Golf in mind. The padded skai dresses the dashboard facade to bring some warmth. But the doorframes sound a little hollow and some details lack research.

A trunk not amputated by the battery

Habitability does not suffer criticism. For a 4,37 m long saloon (and a 4.65 m station wagon), the space on board seems quite suitable. On the other hand, accessibility is not the strong point of this model. The fault lies in the rather narrow rear doors and the insufficiently large opening angle. It’s better on the break version, with the longer wheelbase (2.70 m instead of 2.64 m). Fortunately, since this model should seduce taxis quite widely. Chest side, the surprise is quite good: the battery is located under the bench, there is a generous double bottom under the floor of the trunk.

For the moment, Toyota has not announced the prices of its new Corolla. But if we refer to the other models in the range, they should be competitive face competing models with automatic transmission, whether petrol or diesel. And the arrival of the most powerful version should finally convince those who regretted the lack of pepper of current Toyota hybrids.