Five Peshmerga Killed in Turkish Air Strike on Mount Shingal

Iraqi PM Abadi briefly spoke about the Turkish airstrikes during his weekly address.

“Turkey shouldn’t violate the Iraqi sovereignty,” Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a news conference.
US encourages Iraq’s neighbors to respect its territorial sovereignty and focus on ISIS

“The Coalition is aware of the Turkish airstrikes in Northern Iraq and Syria. As we’ve said in the past, all of Iraq’s neighbors need to respect Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Laura M. Seal, a Department of Defense spokesperson told Rudaw on Tuesday evening.

“We encourage all forces to remain focused on the greatest threat to regional and worldwide peace and security and concentrate their efforts on ISIS and not toward objectives that may cause the Coalition to divert energy and resources away from the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”

The Coalition had announced eight strikes near Sinjar on Monday that targeted ISIS weapons facilities, staging areas, weapons caches, and vehicle-borne- and improvised-explosive device factories.

YPG spokesman says 20 fighters in Rojava killed in airstrikes on Tuesday

The strikes occurred on Mount Qara Shouk in Rojava, Syria, about 85 kilometers north of the town of Shingal in Iraq.

“Twenty of our fighters were killed and 18 more injured as a result of the Turkish airstrikes,”Redur Khalil, the spokesperson for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) said.

A road follows the mountain ridge west from the Iraqi border through Qara Shouk. It then intersects with a north-south road connecting the Turkish city of Cizre to the Kurdish enclave of Rojava in northern Syria.

“There is also the Qarachugh mountain range which would give total control of the area to whoever holds it,” Gen. Najat Ali, a Peshmerga commander told Rudaw English in 2015.

Baghdad calls upon Turkey to respect Iraq’s territorial sovereignty

“We condemn the Turkish air strikes on the Iraqi territory. This will affect relations between Iraq and Turkey,” the Iraqi government spokesperson Saad Adisi told Rudaw.

“Iraq is insistent on respecting the sovereignty of other countries. We call upon Turkey and all the other neighboring countries to respect the sovereignty of the Iraqi territory. These types of activities will not help solve the problems.”

The Turkish government has offered to treat the injured

“Referring three injured (Peshmerga) has been discussed. The coordination committee between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey are in contact so that the injured are sent to Turkey,” Colonel Sagvan Abdulkarim, the head the Peshmerga Ministry’s health department in Duhok, told Rudaw.

“The injuries of only two are life-threatening. Others have been treated and are in stable conditions,” he added.

Kurdistan Democratic Party condemns airstrikes, calls PKK presence inappropriate

The ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in a statement to condemn Turkish airstrikes which left five Peshmerga dead and nine others wounded announced the “imposed presence” of PKK fighters in the Shingal region resulted in the incident.

“Once again, we remind our people and all the other parties of the fact that this incident or any of such kind is due to the inappropriate imposed presence of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region, which has not brought any benefits, only chaos.”

PKK also lays the responsibility on the shoulders of the PKK for preventing the reconstruction of the region and seeking out confrontations.

The statement went on to add that it is not the first time the people of the Kurdistan Region became victims of PKK politics, “which has left its arena and wrongfully transferred its fight to the Kurdistan Region.”

The KDP statement also reads, “even if the attack was a mistake, it is unacceptable.”

“As we’re angry with the bombing of bases and positions of our Peshmerga and are strongly expressing our concerns, we emphasize even if these attacks were carried out mistakenly, it is still unacceptable.”
Turkish army releases the video of bombing PKK affiliated groups on Mount Shingal