Food Self-driving Delivery Vehicles to be Tested

Autonomous vehicles will soon deliver the food in California. As of January 2020, self-driving cars will be approved in the U.S. state to deliver food.

Autonomous vehicles have now been approved as food suppliers in California. In the future, the pizza could then be delivered by a Tesla or BMW instead of a student supplier.

As of January 17, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will issue permits for testing and commercial use of autonomous vehicles. There are separate approvals for vehicles with or without backup drivers. The prerequisites for an autonomous car with a safety driver are that the car has already been tested, the driver is trained regularly and can and may drive a car. Autonomous vehicles must have a certified level of 4 or 5, a remote control option and a legal plan. Wayma was the first manufacturer to receive approval for a test phase without a backup driver.

It will certainly take some time before this new way of delivering food has become fully established and optimized, but it will come sooner or later. There are still some questions about liability and other legal details that need to be clarified before autonomous cars will deliver the food.