France Come out of Nuclear Power by 2060

In a study presented Monday, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency estimates that France could almost come out of nuclear power by 2060.

In the midst of the “yellow vests” crisis, discussions on the energy transition are continuing. While Emmanuel Macron announced, on November 27, the main orientations of France in the field of energy for the next ten years, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) has published , Monday, December 10, a new study on the  future of electric the Hexagon.

In the often barren debate between proponents of nuclear power and advocates of renewable energies, the public establishment outlines several avenues, according to which solar and wind power would gradually supplant the domination of the atom.

The study that the agency conducted concerns the years 2020-2060. It analyzes several scenarios for the development of renewable energies (RE) and the extension of the nuclear fleet. According to one of them, put forward by the Ademe, France could reach in 2050 an electricity mix comprising 85% renewable energy, and more than 95% in 2060. “Moreover, for the consumer, gradual increase in the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix reduces the total cost of electricity, “says the study.

Nuclear power currently accounts for nearly 72% of electricity production in France, compared to 12% for hydroelectric dams, 4% for wind and 2% for solar. According to Ademe, the gradual decrease of the nuclear fleet until 2035 should allow a rapid development of renewable energies.

Hülya Karahan: The founder


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