France is strong in the technology, in the automotive world. The TGV holds the official speed record in 2007 with 574 km / h. This article will discover in a few lines, French car brands.

It’s an Italian brand since 1909 and everyone knows it. But Bugatti is also baptized French. Since 1910, the manufacturer creates Bugatti Type 13 in France. Currently, Bugatti Chiron is the most expensive car produced and sold in France Bugatti just revealed a $3.3 million Chiron — and it’s the ultimate hypercar.

The manufacturer was born in France in 1978. It is a genuine French brand since the models C, DS etc. It is the second most expensive produced and sold in France with SPaceTourer.

Started in 1889, it is an authentic brand. Since 1894,it will sit down its performance. Important standard models to his credit, namely: 308, 3008, 208, RCZ and even his electric models. The 508 RXH is a high-end car that is one of the most expensive cars in France.

Whose father Louis Renault is French, starts in 1898 with the Renault type A. It also became known with its electric model ZOE. Since then, it has built very beautiful models (Alaskan, Captur, Clio, Space, Kangoo, SCenic, Megane, Kadjar, Talisman etc.). In 1999, it merged with Nissan, and in 2017 with Mitsubishi.

It is a brand created in Taiwan in 1964, and specialized in the manufacture of Scooter motorcycles in association with Piaggio, the Italian group. Decided to go solo in 1985 to create her own models. In 1990, she returned to France with scooters. Later it specializes in sports vehicles with her models CEVENNE, HEMERA, SPEEDSTER etc.

It is a subsidiary of the brand Renault if not a Roman builder.Founded in 1966, the manufacturer delivers its models under the name Dacia in Europe and Renault in other parts of the world. These models include: Sandero, Duster, Logan, Lodgy etc.

The list is not complete. We can note among others, SOCEMA GREGOIRE, TALBOT, NEIGHBORHOOD, SLAMSON, SECMA, SIMCA, CG, DB, Venturi etc.

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