French Government may Impose A Third Nationwide Lockdown

The French Minister of Health, Olivier Ferrand, stressed that the government will not hesitate to impose a third general lockdown nationwide, if the number of new infections with the Corona virus continues to rise.

Veran said: “We do not exclude any measure that may be necessary to protect the population, and this does not mean that we have taken a decision, but we are monitoring the situation hour by hour.”

The minister pointed out that the large number of injuries recorded in the country increases the seriousness of the situation, and added: “An average of 15 thousand new injuries are recorded every day, after we had retreated to 11 thousand cases,” noting that “the goal is to record 5,000 new injuries.” “Daily it is fading, and the pressure on the health system is still great, with 1500 new hospitalizations recorded daily, although the largest number of these cases does not require transfer to the intensive care unit.”

Ferrand also affirmed that he is “ready to take the necessary measures if the situation worsens,” explaining that “the situation is already worrying in a number of provinces located in the east of the country,” noting that “a large number of mayors in eastern France have been appealing to him for several days to reimpose General lockdown measures, either nationwide or at a local level, after Christmas. ”

European countries began a comprehensive vaccination campaign against the Corona virus, adopting the vaccine produced by the American “Pfizer” and German “Biontech” companies, in conjunction with the tight restrictions due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation.

Earlier, the European Commission expressed its hope that this vaccination campaign against the virus would start on December 27-29.

A number of European countries are scheduled to start a comprehensive vaccination campaign on Sunday, among them Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Bulgaria.

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