Galaxy S22: Price Release Date All About the Next Samsung Smartphone

The Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra will be Samsung‘s new technological showcase, excluding foldable screen smartphones. Here is what to expect from this generation, which does not promise to be revolutionary, but which should perfect a formula that has proven itself.

The release of Samsung’s new Galaxy S line smartphones is one of the major events in the Android mobile market and often sets the tone for the rest of the year. Between their new design and the technical improvements they embed, the Galaxy S22 are no exception to the rule.

Samsung could also change the names of some models this year to better distinguish them. Indeed, a leak announces that Samsung would like to rename the Galaxy S22 + to Galaxy s22 Pro, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra to Galaxy Note 22 Ultra. The latter would inherit the name Note because of the integrated stylus and its more angular design than its predecessors.

According to information from the media TheElec, the Galaxy S22 will be launched in January 2022, for marketing at the end of that same month or early February. Samsung plans to start production of smartphones in the series in November 2021 to build up its stocks.

However, the leaker @FrontTron thinks that the Galaxy S22 will be presented in December, around Christmas, then that the phone will be officially available at the beginning of January 2022. If this is confirmed, Samsung would therefore be close to ‘one month ahead of its usual schedule for previous years.

As in previous years, three different models are expected: the Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. For its Galaxy S21, Samsung had curbed the crazy price hike affecting premium smartphones in an attempt to convince the public to turn to its devices. The manufacturer should not increase its prices too much for the S22 in order to continue to be competitive against Xiaomi and Oppo, which are increasingly targeting the high-end segment. The prices have not leaked so far, so we model them on those of the Galaxy S21 before knowing more.

Galaxy S22: from 859 euros
Galaxy S22 +: from 1059 euros
Galaxy S22 Ultra: from 1259 euros
It should be noted that with the shortage of components, and in particular of semiconductors, the manufacturing prices of smartphones could increase, an increase which would certainly have repercussions on the final price of the products if it is true.

Precise renders of the Galaxy S22 have yet to be released by our favorite leakers, but early echoes point to a design similar to that of the Galaxy S21. The new generation of Samsung mobiles should not take advantage of the front camera under the screen, introduced for the first time by the brand with its folding, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

If we are to believe FrontTron and IceUniverse, two reputable sources who have tuned their violin on this aspect, the screen of the Galaxy S22 and S22 + should use LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) technology and would be smaller than the one of their predecessors. We are talking about a diagonal of 6.06 inches for the S22 (against 6.2 inches on the S21) and 6.55 inches for the S22 + (against 6.7 inches on the S21 +). The S22 Ultra would be entitled to a 6.81-inch LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) panel, roughly like the S21 Ultra (6.8 inches).

Each smartphone in the series would benefit from a screen supporting a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Only the Galaxy S22 Ultra would offer a QHD + 1440p display quality, the other two references being satisfied with a classic FHD + 1080p definition.

Samsung galaxy s22
Note that the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a rear photo unit with a very strange design. The smartphone looks like the Galaxy Note, but the appearance of the sensor is clearly not to everyone’s taste. Taking the shape of a P, it has 3 sensors arranged vertically, while a fourth is on the side. An unknown module is also present.

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The Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra will be Samsung's new technological showcase, excluding foldable screen smartphones.

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