German Media Kicked the Thai King to Remotely Govern the Country

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn has lived in Germany most of this year. In early October, he was warned by the Merkel government that he “should not guide Thai politics in Germany.” However, German media recently found out that Vajiralongkorn He has been “remotely governing the country” in a ski resort in Germany, which may violate international law.

The Times quoted an investigation report by the West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR) and Süddeutsche Zeitung that in the past 18 months, Vajiralongkorn had sent nearly 100 items from places such as the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl. The letter included congratulations on the election of the Greek President, appointment of new generals, prohibition of her sister Ubolratana (Princess Ubolratana) from participating in the election, selection of the finance minister and ordering the execution of criminals.

The Thai Embassy in Germany did not respond to the latest news.

The Vajiralongkorn scandal has caused a bad image, and the Parayu government has iron-fisted to suppress anti-government protests, which puts the Merkel government under great pressure. Critics had previously asked Germany to declare that he was an unpopular figure, and to investigate his arrears of 3 billion euros in inheritance taxes (equivalent to 102.84 billion Taiwan dollars). German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas previously warned that if Vajiralongkorn is found to be lawless in German territory, he will face “immediate results.”

According to the Thai side, it is said that Vajiralongkorn is visiting Germany in a private name. Legal experts believe that Vajiralongkorn’s long-term “remote governance” may violate the principle of territorial sovereignty, but it is difficult to determine the status of the king in practice. It will advocate that government leaders such as Merkel manage state affairs during their long-term visits.

In an interview, Stefan Talmon, a professor of international law at Bonn University, pointed out that Vajiralongkorn stayed in Germany for too long, which caused the whole incident to become an “extreme case.” As far as he can remember, the last time a similar incident occurred was already In 1657, the Queen of Sweden, who was living in Paris, France, ordered the execution of a messenger in her home country

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