Germany Deploys 4 More jets In Turkey

ffffGermany has sent four additional Tornado reconnaissance planes to Turkey to support the US-led coalition force in operations against Islamic State. The deployment is expected to be finalized with another two jets arriving next week.

Two Tornado jets were launched at 8:30am GMT from Jagel air base in northern Germany. Thirty minutes later two more planes took off from Buchel airbase in the west of the country. After an approximately four-hour flight and mid-air refueling, the planes landed at the NATO base Incirlik in Turkey, a Bundeswehr spokesman confirmed to the SWR.

The four jets will be joined by two other Tornado aircraft at the Turkish air base near the southern city of Adana next week – while the two jets previously deployed in Turkey will return back home.

“With the two other Tornado jets expected to arrive in Turkey on January 12, a total of six aircraft will be ready for the surveillance mission,” a Luftwaffe statement said.

According to Luftwaffe Brig. Gen. Andreas Schick, commander of German forces at Incirlik, flights will begin as early as Friday.
The 134 million euro ($145 million) operation which launched in December saw the first two jets and an Airbus A400 cargo plane land at the Incirlik base in December. The two Tornado jets that were sent in December are scheduled to return to Germany in order to be replaced by more technologically advanced jets.