Global Stock Markets Rose

Global stock markets rose during intraday trading on the 15th
Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Global and Nomura Securities pointed out that Taiwan stocks had five bullish bonuses in the Year of the Bull, including TSMC’s ADR and U.S. stock market surges, Apple’s stock price strong, investors rushing into risky assets, and the U.S. bailout was detrimental to the dollar. , Favorable hot money continues to increase emerging assets.

The economic performance of Japan, Thailand, and Singapore last quarter was better than market expectations. South Korea’s exports, which are the global trade windsor, also surged in February, adding signs of recovery in the Asian economy and recovery in world demand, driving the global stock market to rush up again on the 15th. new highs.

Emerging stocks and Asian stocks rewrite records
Emerging stock markets and Asian stock markets simultaneously rewritten historical records. The MSCI AC World Index, which tracks global stock markets, continued to record highs during intraday trading on the 15th. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index, Emerging Market Index, and the Indian stock market all broke historical records. The Nikkei 225 Index closed up 100%. It is the first time since 1990 that it has broken through the 30,000-point mark at 1/19.

Nomura Securities Asia Pacific stock market strategist Seth pointed out that the high investment sentiment of US technology stocks and risky assets will continue to infect Asian stocks. Although Asian stocks have surged, the turnover ratios of major markets such as Observatory, South Korea and Mainland stocks are relative to market value. The three indicators, namely, the ratio of corporate transactions, the proportion of corporate transactions and the balance of financing, are still some distance away from historical highs such as the technology bubble. It is predicted that Asian stocks will continue to rise.

Investors should pay attention to high risk
The domestic legal person pointed out that the front-end stocks of the year of the rat were volatile, but the international stock market performed well after the closure, and there was no more bad news about the domestic and foreign epidemic situation. At present, many parties have an advantage in the red market. Analysts said that although the current domestic and foreign news is favorable for Taiwan stocks to open a red market, investors should pay attention to the risk of high points, because Taiwan stocks have gone for a long period of time so far last year, and with the flood of funds, the market has already seen a speculative atmosphere. Be cautious when entering the market.