Gold Price Today in Delhi Market has Increased

Gold Price Today: Today, there is an increase in gold and silver in the bullion market of Delhi. Today gold has become expensive by about Rs 62. On the other hand, today the price of silver has increased to Rs 195 (Silver price today). Now gold is being sold at Rs 47,262 per 10 grams, while the price of silver has gone up to Rs 60,122 per kg.

Gold Price Today: In line with the rise in the prices of precious metals in the global markets, gold on Monday rose by Rs 62 to Rs 47,262 per 10 grams (Gold price today) in the national capital’s bullion market. HDFC Securities gave this information. In the last trading session, gold had closed at Rs 47,200 per 10 grams. Silver also rose by Rs 195 to close at Rs 60,122 per kg (Silver price today). It had closed at Rs 59,927 per kg in the previous trading session.
Gold is about Rs 9000 cheaper than all time high.

Even though gold prices are seeing a rise today, but in the long term, gold has become cheaper by about Rs 9000. In August last year, gold had reached its highest level of Rs 56,200 and now gold has reached near the level of Rs 47,262 per 10 grams. In this way, the price of gold has fallen by about Rs 9000 so far. If you are thinking of buying gold, then this is a good buying opportunity.

How much return has gold given in previous years?

If we talk about gold, last year gold has given a return of 28 percent. Last year also the return of gold was around 25 per cent. If you are investing for the long term, then gold is still a very safe and good option for investment, which gives great returns. The returns from gold in the past years are in front of you, which shows that investing is worth it.

Gold has always shone brightly in times of trouble. There were many wars in 1979 and gold had jumped about 120 per cent in that year. More recently, in 2014, even when the US threat was looming over Syria, gold prices started touching the sky. However, later it came back to its old level. When US tensions with Iran increased or when there was a situation of trade war between China and America, the price of gold also increased. Similarly, even when the Corona period dominated, there was a strong rise in gold and gold reached the highest level of Rs 56,200.


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Gold Price Today: Today, there is an increase in gold and silver in the bullion market of Delhi.

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