Golf Buttons that You will have to get used to this Year

The mythical Volkswagen Golf makes a qualitative leap into the future. The eighth generation of one of the best selling vehicles in Europe loses its 100% electric version – in favor of the new ID.3 – but it gains autonomy and, above all, in futuristic design by saying goodbye to the buttons around the navigator.

The VW Golf VIII is presented worldwide this morning, although it has already been leaked and it is known that it will arrive at dealerships after Christmas. It will do it with novelties in the engines and new features in autonomy. It will be a smarter model than its predecessors, capable of communicating with its environment to avoid accidents and with a design in line with the trends that the industry is addressing.

For several years we have seen how the most modern cars are reducing the number of buttons on the dashboard and replacing them with touch screens and the use of virtual assistants. The next VW Golf VIII will feature two touch screens, one of which will serve as a configurable Digital Cockpit instrumentation.

In addition to controlling the car with these two screens, it will also have an integrated virtual key to put in the mobile and Alexa as an integrated assistant with which to communicate with voice commands. But it will not only be smart to ask you to turn down the volume of the music or make a call while driving.

This new model is one of the compact cars that are going to talk the most in the coming months and is that you can communicate with your environment, you will have a Car2X system that will allow you to communicate with the infrastructure of the roads and other vehicles to avoid accidents, all through the 5G network.

As for the rest of the changes, it will resume the MQB platform of its predecessor, however the 100% electric e-Golf version will disappear to be replaced by the already presented ID.3, which sits on the MEB electric modular platform. In addition, it will have a wide range of engines: the gasoline and diesel variants, it will have mild-hybrid versions, plug-in and natural gas hybrids.

It will be available in February 2020 without the three-door body and the Alltrack crossover variant, although it will maintain the five-door and the familiar Variant. You can follow the presentation in this link live to know all the details and their prices.