Google Employees have Discussed “Travel Bans”

Google’s internal e-mail showed that a few days after the Trump administration issued a controversial travel ban in January 2017, Google employees discussed how to adjust the company’s search capabilities to show users how to donate to immigrant-supporting organizations. And the way to contact members and government agencies.

The emails that The Wall Street Journal saw showed that employees suggested using the search function and taking steps to correct what they thought was the search for keywords like ‘Islamic’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Iran’. “Islamic Islam, Algorithmic Bias Search Results”, and search for “biased, algorithmic bias search results” for the words ‘Mexico’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Latinism’.

In the above mail chain, there should be a reminder that employees should be cautious in participating in political activities. These emails show that Google employees are considering how to take advantage of the company’s huge influence on the Internet to deal with travel bans. Google said that all the ideas discussed were not implemented.


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