Google Fish Farming, Microsoft Voice Recognition

Google and Microsoft, have worked hard in the sea, put servers and installed cables, trying to use marine resources. Since it is an influential large company, it also returns the ocean in its own way.

Microsoft uses technology to help Erin Moreland, a scientist who wants to protect marine animals.

In order to understand the signs of life activities in the waters of Alaska, Moreland used to stare at the computer screen in person and check thousands of photos to find out. The process is as difficult as gold mining. Even worse, when her findings were published, the information was outdated.

So at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, scientists turn to artificial intelligence to distinguish sounds in specific areas. Artificial intelligence can distinguish the sounds of seals and whales from the sound of waves crashing, ice moving, and ships passing by. The idea is good, but technical difficulties are encountered.

The turnaround was a Microsoft staff member who set this issue as the topic of the company’s internal hackathon. 14 Microsoft engineers brainstormed for this. With the help of professionals, scientists got a set of more efficient algorithms last fall, 99% of which are consistent with the previously created voice file logs.

With this set of tools, scientists can more easily observe signs of biological activity in the entire sea area, master the activity data of beluga, polar bears and other animals, and formulate better protection strategies.

If Microsoft is only providing technology and tools to marine protectors, Google is in the air.

The goal of Google‘s “tide” project is to protect the ocean and allow the ocean to provide fish, shellfish and other food to humans in a sustainable manner. In order to do this, they began a fish farming career. To be precise, it is to help farmers raise fish efficiently. After all, one-third of global fisheries have exceeded their limits, and humans do need better fishery management laws.

Google ’s solution is an underwater photography system that uses machine sensing to “detect and explain the behavior of fish that cannot be seen by the naked eye.” It can simultaneously record the eating conditions of thousands of fish and collect oxygen content and water temperature in the background. And other environmental information.

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Google and Microsoft, have worked hard in the sea, put servers and installed cables, trying to use marine resources.

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