Google Pixel Mobile Phone Added Smart Charging Function

Many mobile phones now support fast charging. Although it can effectively shorten the charging speed, it will also accelerate battery aging. Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 series phones in recent years both support fast charging. In order to slow down the battery aging process, Google added an Adaptive Charging smart charging function in its system update last month.

This smart charging function is mainly to allow users to charge at a slower speed during the time when users sleep at night, hoping to balance between fast charging and delayed battery aging. However, this function needs to be used with a mobile phone alarm clock. As long as the user sets the alarm clock before going to bed, the Pixel series mobile phone will automatically use slow charging when connected to the charging cable.

However, because Google mandates that the alarm clock must be set between 5 am and 10 am, and after 9 pm, the phone can be connected and charged again to automatically perform slow charging. However, this move was criticized by users for not being humane enough and could not meet the needs of all users. If the user’s schedule does not match Google’s settings, such as those who go to work at night, go to bed before 9 pm, or wake up before 5 am, they will not be able to use this new feature of Google.

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