Government Yields to the Pressure of Truck Drivers at the end of the Strike

In a meeting held this Sunday (27) between President Michel Temer and leaders of the truck drivers, solutions were agreed for the five main defendants of the strike group.

As anticipated earlier by the governor of São Paulo, Márcio França, the reduction of R $ 0.41 in the liter of diesel oil claimed by the movement was accepted and increased to R $ 0.46 per liter, right at the pump. The amount is equivalent to the reduction of PIS and CID. The government has made sacrifices in the budget, without hurting Petrobras.

The second point of the demonstrators, which had not been agreed with the authorities yet, was to keep the price down for 60 days. Until then the government accepted to work with only 30 days. There will only be readjustments in the amounts from this term.

Still as confirmed by the governor of São Paulo, the toll value will no longer be charged for suspension axles used by truck drivers when there is no load throughout the country on all types of highways.

The fourth point agreed by the government was the guarantee of 30% of CONAB freight to the autonomous, the National Supply Company, which transports thousands of tons of products every year.

Finally, the president announced that he approved the Minimum Freight Table, as provided in Bill 121, which is still circulating in Congress.

In order for these projects to come into force as soon as possible, the Presidency will publish them through a Provisional Measure, which does not need to be pre-Congressional or Senate evaluation.

According to the minister of the Government Secretariat, Carlo Marun, $ 10 billion will be used from the public coffers to meet all requests of the protesters.

Arriving at these understandings, the expectation of the federal government is that, on the other hand, the strikers should close all points of blockade, stoppage or demonstration throughout the country as soon as possible so that normality can return.


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