Half of French: Economy will get Worse

There is still anxiety among the French and confidence in the country’s economic situation is getting worse and worse. The year 2019 is approached with apprehension by most citizens.

6 out of 10 people are anticipating a difficult year

It is in any case the result of an Odoxa survey for BFM Business, Challenges and Aviva Insurance published Thursday. Six out of ten French respondents (59%) anticipate 2019 as a year of “economic difficulties” and only 7% as a year of “prosperity”.

Several sensitive topics are put forward by respondents who think that the unemployment situation can not be improved. This is also the case with purchasing power and growth.

The popularity of the President of the France is also evaluated. It just dropped 20 points in a year, from 49% favorable opinions to 29% today. Overall, three-quarters of respondents do not trust the entire government to improve the country’s situation.

Nearly half of French people think that the country’s economic situation will be worse at the end of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term than when he took power. Only 15% believe it and think it will be better.

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