Harm to Health Using Mobile Phones in the Bathroom

For many people, the bathroom is a “book room”. It used to be for reading newspapers and magazines, but now it has become a mobile phone. In many companies, employees use their mobile phones to scan Weibo in the toilet to check Moments, and it takes half an hour to squat. Regardless of the purpose of this “small rule” in front of the toilet, playing mobile phones in the toilet is indeed harmful to health.

What is the harm to the body when using mobile phones in the toilet?

It is easy to cause hemorrhoids and rectal mucosa to fall off for a long time

Keeping a bowel posture for a long time can easily lead to rectal varicose congestion and induce hemorrhoids. Playing with mobile phones in the toilet is one of the most direct reasons for prolonging the time to go to the toilet.

Missing a bowel movement will cause constipation.

Playing with a mobile phone will inevitably distract the attention during defecation. If you inadvertently miss your bowel movement, it will cause slow or no bowel movement and artificially cause constipation. “Convenience” is precious to many people. Once you miss it, you may not be able to get it out no matter how hard you try. For people who find it difficult to defecate, don’t regard going to the bathroom as a boring or painful thing, and try to kill time by reading or playing games. The more you do this, the more you will deliberately suppress the “feces”, leading to the disappearance of conditioned reflexes and thus sitting The half-day toilet is of no avail. It is best to develop the habit of defecation regularly every day, so that over time will form a conditioned reflex; once the ‘feeling’ comes, no matter how busy you are at work, you have to take time out to go to the bathroom, do not hold any entertainment products in your hand, and defecate should not exceed 10 minutes.

Dizziness, numb legs.

Squatting time is too long, it is easy to cause blood to flow downwards, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain. Normal people squat for a long time and suddenly stand up will cause dizziness and dizziness. The blood circulation is blocked, and the cells will not be able to supply enough oxygen for a long time. Once the blood returns, some nerves will become numb, and some people will often experience leg numbness.

Inhalation of poisonous gas in the body can easily cause inflammation.

When sitting on the toilet, a closed space is formed between the body and the toxic substances. Over time, these poisonous gases will enter the body and cause various inflammations, such as anal inflammation, chronic vaginitis and even cervical cancer and other gynecological tumors. From this perspective, defecation should also be “short and fast” to minimize the contact time between the human body and toxic substances.

Therefore, the habit of carrying a mobile phone in the bathroom is not unhealthy. If you are unlucky and accidentally hear a plop, haha, it’s not worthwhile to lose money if your phone falls into the toilet; in addition, you forget your time when you use your phone in the toilet and you will delay your work or important things. Therefore, the little friends still concentrate on pulling papa, happily playing on the phone, and only do one thing at a time.

The hazards of playing with mobile phones in the toilet are as follows:

Brain-slow reaction, dizziness

People playing with mobile phones when squatting on the toilet will unconsciously prolong the time, which will easily cause blood to flow downwards, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain. This is why dizziness and swelling may occur after a long squatting and suddenly standing up.

Eyes-myopia, dry eye

The light in the bathroom is generally dark, which is not suitable for watching any electronic products, especially for children. Looking at the mobile phone at close range when going to the bathroom will make the eyes always in a state of tension and exertion.


Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular – increased blood pressure

The toilet is one of the dangerous places with a high rate of sudden death. Too much time in the toilet will increase the risk.

cervical spondylosis

Looking down at the phone for a long time is an important reason for the rejuvenation of cervical spondylosis. When going to the toilet, the body will unconsciously lean forward, and the cervical spine will be under greater pressure, resulting in changes in the flexion of the cervical spine, which can easily cause cervical disc herniation and cervical instability.


Suggestion: It is best not to bring a mobile phone to the toilet and concentrate on bowel movements.

Whether squatting or sitting in the toilet, the toilet time should not exceed 5 minutes, and people with constipation should not exceed 10 minutes.

It is also important to note that after daily defecation, it is best to insist on using warm water to bathe and clean, so as to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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