Historic Event in Italy it is the Only One in Europe

Ryanair, signed the first collective contract of pilots in Italy: it is the only one in Europe.

The signature and the go-ahead came after eight months of negotiations. The union: “Historic event”.

After 8 months of negotiations the Anpac, the national union of pilots, has signed the first collective labor agreement with the airline Ryanair. It is, says the association, of “a historic event for the Irish carrier because the Italian collective labor contract signed is also the first contract of Ryanair sailing personnel signed in Europe”.

After the recognition of the union representatives, Ryanair, underlines Anpac in the press release, “has recognized to its employees the provisions of Italian national law in terms of severance pay through the introduction of Fondaereo as a complementary contractual social security fund, the contribution to” Sanivolo “as Supplementary health assistance fund, payment of social security contributions and full recognition of social protection for maternity and paternity “.

The path, the association continues, will in any case require further actions on the fiscal plan that will have to be implemented in the short term, also with the intervention of the Italian Government, through the Ministry of Economy and Transport, “to finalize the payment of Ryanair‘s tax levies in Italy, contrary to what is happening today, due to the application of the Italy-Ireland bilateral agreement, which obliges the carrier headed by Michael O’Leary to pay Ireland the tax levies made to employees who operate in Italy “.

The contract has been submitted to the approval of over 300 associated pilots. Anpac expresses “great satisfaction for the result obtained that gives more protection and guarantees, as well as a congruous economic recognition, to Ryanair pilots making concrete the harmonization path of the Irish carrier started at the end of last year”.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder