H&M Plans to Pay $ 36 Million on New York City Raffle Tickets

The State Fiscal Law alleges that the fashion company sued to commit to the sum of millions.

The fashion company H&M tends to pay $ 36 million over an agreement with New York by not disclosing to the Abandoned Property Fund the money bills not used, as required by state law, according to the tax law general of the state, Letitia James.

“My office has tolerance with the companies that ignore the law and lend the money bags that belong to the working people,” James said in a statement.

The European company tends to pay more than $ 28 million to the state, of the $ 18 million that go to the Abandonade Propiedad Fund, while the person who reports this problem with government tickets will not receive $ 7.74 million.

“Consumers who do not use H&M emission bills between 2004 and 2014, can use the H&M card if they have ten, or present a complaint about the balance not linked to the Abandonada Property Fund”, the text explains.

In New York, if a citizen does not receive or can pay a pendant – as, for example, a check -, this money, in order to steal the organ that issues the payment, and the Abandoned Property Fund has the money advertised.

According to the Fiscalia communication, H&M intends to try to find out the amount of shelves not used, while adding the total to this fund.