Hollywood Stars with Bad Habits

They are beautiful and famous, it seems that these women have no defect and they are always perfect.

Celebrities have the same bad habits as us, and these 20 stars are living proof of it.

1. Britney Spears and Olivia Wilde

Bad habit: biting your nails. These two actresses share the bad habit of biting their nails. They admit it and say they try to control themselves, but from time to time they let themselves go.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry

Bad habit: to bite the lips and the inside of the cheeks. Sarah Jessica Parker can not get rid of this bad habit and spends her time chewing inside her cheeks. While Halle Berry is constantly dying lips and uses lipstick to prevent it. But as soon as she forgets to put on it, it starts again.

3. Rihanna and Kylie Jenner

© rexfeaturesBad habit: addiction to social networks. Rihanna can not imagine life without social networks. The psychologists have analyzed the behavior of the singer and have come to the conclusion that she really has an addiction and is afraid to stop being famous. As for Kylie Jenner, she recognized that social networks were addictive to her, like beauty bites. And she also admits that she can not live without the virtual world: “For me, social networks are everything.”

4. Barbra Streisand and Mila Kunis

Bad habit: addiction to food. Barbra Streisand is able to eat sugar donuts and cereals in large quantities, and take up to 15 pounds in a few weeks. As for Mila Kunis, she acknowledged that she only lost weight for her film roles, and then returned to her hamburgers and Chinese food.

5. Lana del Rey and Katherine Heigl

Bad habit: the cigarette. Katherine Heigl has tried to quit smoking several times, but she always comes back. And Lana del Rey says she can not start the day without a coffee and a cigarette. Curiously, this bad habit can not be heard in the singer’s voice.

6. Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry

Bad habit: obsession with cleanliness. Cameron is very maniacal and it’s hard to be with her in a public place: she never touches the door handles and only opens them with her elbows. As for Katy, she still carries with her twenty toothbrushes and brushes her teeth six times a day.

7. Jessica Simpson and Adele

Bad habit: chewing gum. Adele chews gum between each song during her concerts. And Jessica Simpson is addicted to nicotine chewing gum. Strange fact, the latter has never smoked but for some inexplicable reason, she became addicted to these chewing gums.

8. Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren

Bad habit: rudeness. Helen Mirren does not usually hide her emotions, she always says what she thinks and is not afraid to use strong words, there is no taboo subject for her. Keira Knightley has a beautiful mouth but a lot of bad words come out. This habit is so rooted in these two actresses that they do not even realize it anymore.

9. Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera

Bad habit: addiction to shopping. Victoria Beckham admits that at one time she spent $ 150,000 a year on clothes. He sometimes bought the same garment in different colors and sizes. Christina Aguilera suffers from the same addiction. She has so many clothes that she lacks cupboards to put them away.

10. Jennifer Lopez and Sofía Vergara

Bad habit: coffee. Perhaps this is the secret of their incredible beauty and their eternal youth? In any case, Jennifer and Sofía do not imagine a day without several cups of coffee.



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