How are We going to Change with Covid-19?

Aylin Altuntaş –Change Leader, Executive Coach, Conference Speaker

We bought shoes more than we needed to walk; gained more calories at brunches, lunches, dinners more than we spent; continued to travel by cars, ships, planes and published them on our social media recklessly; burnt the trees to use more and more papers; spoke about poverty, immigrants, climate change and went back to our daily lives….


Until, Covid-9 one day knocked at our door. First we thought that it was a problem of a small town in China. China is a closed country after all; the virus cannot exceed the grand China wall… Well! It did. It exactly followed the route of black plague in 1347 and hit South France, North Italy and then North Europe.

We are the generation X. X generation is the generation of hard wok, industry, science, rationality, wealth. We heard a lot about the Great Depression, World War I&II but we never lived in one. So we found it quite surreal to be beaten by a small virus. Instead, we were all thinking about how life could be in Mars…
Greta Thunberg refused to go to school on a Friday, refused to travel by plane, refused to listen to the politicians who gave poor promises about change. Generation Y & Z followed her. We admired them but deep down, still, we had to go to jobs to earn money for better lives; had to send our the children to schools to learn more; books were even better if could still touch them…

Covid-19 penetrated in our lives faster than we expected. It spread all over the world in less than 2 months. We each smelled the death in front of our closed doors. Now we have THE problem, which we are all in it…

How are we going to change with Covid-19?

We have to favor politicians who spend more money on health than the weapons? Prefer companies who invest in health and sustainable products? We already learned how to make even bread at home. We all understood that the trees that toilet papers are made, can be more valuable than the diamonds; that a couple of t-shirts and a trouser are enough to pass months. We necessarily don’t need a car to live; our children can also learn from home. We only need a comfortable sofa to work, to eat, to watch TV, to read, to sleep and chat with friends from all around the world…

We surely are changing as human beings since 2 months…

After all, we are not the strongest species on earth but we have the most adaptable brain. We need to find a way to make peace with the Mother Earth. Find new ways to co-operate with our families, friends, neighbors, other countries, animals, oceans, plants, and forests… Apparently, Artificial Intelligence is not the biggest threat to the humanity; in contrary, it is now our best friend to be able to continue our lives in our small apartments.

We know now that, we can’t own the world. We are only the guests who use the essence of what is given; and then try to leave it in a better condition for the coming generations. We can’t go to Mars or any other planet yet. We first have to bend our heads and own that we all have THE problem; a problem starting being able to get out of our houses first.

We will re-learn by forgetting what we are accustomed to. For the BETTER…

Aylin Altuntaş
23 April 2020

Aylin Altuntaş –Change Leader, Executive Coach, Conference Speaker

Born in 1971, Aylin Altuntaş is graduated from Boğaziçi University, Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation Department, İstanbul, Turkey in 1994. Altuntaş attended French Language courses at College International de Cannes in 1993.

Aylin received Trainer Certificate in Switzerland in 1998 and Boğaziçi University Human Resources Management Certificate Program in 1999-2000; completed Harvard Business School On-Line Management and Leadership Development modules in 2003. She received training about ROI in Training in Switzerland and Basic Labour Law Training in Turkey in 1999. Altuntaş got Leadership and Change Management Training in Switzerland in 2000 and was certified as a trainer on Coaching, Counseling and Change Management in 2004 by Right Management Consultants, USA. In 2005, she completed Starbucks Coffee Company HR Management Program in Seattle, USA. Aylin, in her career in Human Resources, Training and Personnel Development in the global companies for 12 years, gave training to every level of employees on various subjects related to management & leadership development; she educated numerous trainers. Aylin Altuntaş further is competent to develop emotional intelligence as well as managing group dynamics during the period of change.

Aylin started her career at Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) and after the graduation from the university, worked at the foundation of the Family Hotel in Pamukkale. She later, worked as the HR and Training Manager at Gategourmet, one of the world leaders in airline catering business and as the Head of HR and Training for Turkey at Starbucks Coffee Company, a Global Brand. She finally was the HR Director and Executive Committee member at Conrad Hotel, a brand of Hilton Worldwide, where she was the leader to increase employee satisfaction from 54% to 86% in 3 years. Aylin left Conrad targeting to share her knowledge and experience in her professional life nationally and internationally with different companies and executives.

Aylin Altuntaş is the founder AA Executive Consulting® and has given Management Consultancy to the companies in Turkey about corporate culture, branding and managing the people side of change since 2009. She has given training and career coaching to the executives. Aylin Altuntaş is a member of, ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals), USA.

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