How Corona Decreased Significantly In Japan

In japan Analyzing data from 270 medical institutions during the six months from April to September 2020, found that the number of hospitalized patients during the same period decreased by 14.3% compared to a year ago. In May, when the government issued a state of emergency to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in response to the first wave of the epidemic, the decrease was particularly remarkable.

Looking at the same data from April to September by the number of inpatients by disease, “respiratory diseases” decreased significantly. In particular, the number of hospitalized patients with “viral pneumonia” and “bacterial pneumonia” recorded a significant decrease of 93.8% and 48.1%, respectively, from the same period of the previous year. Measures to prevent infection of the new corona, such as refraining from going out unnecessarily and urgently, wearing masks, and thoroughly disinfecting hands, have been shown in the form of a decrease in the number of patients hospitalized for pneumonia.

Did the behavior modification of Corona’s disease lead to a decrease in Covid-19 patients?
Eight months have passed since the state of emergency was declared in April in japan. After the declaration was lifted, the new corona seemed to have calmed down temporarily, but the number of newly infected people increased again in November, and the number of newly infected people recorded the highest number every day in December. However, infection prevention measures are still indispensable.

The new corona forced the people to get used to the new lifestyle, causing a nationwide behavior change. This has a great impact on the management of medical institutions. The number of patients, both inpatients and outpatients, has decreased, which has been a major blow to hospital profits.

Figure 1. Changes in the number of inpatients and outpatients (n = 270, comparing the number of inpatients and outpatients at 270 acute care hospitals over the past three years, both showing a significant decrease in May)

Analyzing data from 270 acute care hospitals held by Medical Data Vision, both inpatient and outpatient numbers from April to September have declined. The number of inpatients in May, which decreased significantly, decreased by 24.7% from the previous year, and the number of outpatients also decreased by 24.3% from the previous year. After that, the number of patients increased from July to September for both inpatients and outpatients, but if this situation, which is said to be the current third wave, becomes prolonged and the situation becomes serious, the number of patients can decrease significantly again.

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