How do You Get Rid of Fatigue in the Morning

If you feel tired in the morning, if your body is healthy, it is mostly caused by two points:

1. There is still too much melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that can make you feel tired and promote sleep. Its secretion has a circadian rhythm, and the secretion volume will reach the highest point at midnight. ,

When you wake up, if you still stay in a dark environment, the rate of melatonin reduction will slow down, and you will feel tired at this time. Solution: Bask in the sun.

2 Hypothermia Human body temperature is not constant throughout the day, it will have small fluctuations. If the body temperature is too low, people will also feel tired (especially muscles). After waking up, people’s body temperature generally shows an upward trend. There will be a slight drop in the noon (this is also the reason why people are sleepy in the noon), reach the highest point in the evening, and then start to drop again. If your body temperature does not rise normally in the morning, you will also feel groggy. Solution: Morning exercise or sunbathing. Just sunbathe for 20 minutes (don’t wear sunglasses), or exercise for 15 minutes in the morning!

Have you ever gotten up early in the morning and still feel tired?

As long as you are alive, it is normal to feel tired or tired.
We can relieve fatigue by resting or sleeping.

However, why do many people in modern times still cry tired after a night of sleep? ?
That’s because modern people are more likely to accumulate mental fatigue than before.

Living in an era where the amount of information has skyrocketed and the pace of life has increased,
We should actively deal with and face fatigue.

This article will introduce 6 key points for improving fatigue.

First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons that may cause fatigue in addition to illness.

The reasons why you can’t get enough sleep may be:

Meal time is too close to sleep time
high pressure
Visual pressure
Why are you so tired? ! What are the reasons and symptoms of getting tired easily…?

Tiredness reason 1: meal time is too close to sleep time
If you go to bed immediately after eating a full meal, your sleep quality will be poor.
Because the brain wants to rest, but the body is still active (digesting food).

Therefore, dinner is best to end 3 hours before going to bed.

Tired Cause 2: Drinking
Some people may think that you should drink alcohol when you can’t sleep.
Indeed, drinking alcohol will make you feel more sleepy, but the quality of sleep will also decrease.

Because the body is busy breaking down the alcohol, there is no way to take a good rest.

Although a small amount of alcohol can promote blood circulation, drinking alcohol before going to bed.

Fatigue Reason 3: Stress
Physical and mental problems can easily cause fatigue.

Many people are “stressed to sleep”,
But there are also people whose stress keeps accumulating and will not be full no matter how they sleep.

Tiredness reason 4: visual pressure
The blue light of computers, mobile phones, and televisions will make the brain think it is daylight, and secrete hormones to make the body awake.

Long-term exposure to blue light may cause autonomic nervous system disorders.
Causes the physiological clock to be chaotic and affects sleep.
I have been unable to enter deep sleep, my brain cannot rest, and I become tired no matter how I sleep.

Improve physical fitness].The 6 points of anti-fatigue and replenishment are the most effective!

Most physical fatigue can be recovered as long as one night’s sleep, but mental fatigue is not that easy to deal with.
Mental fatigue hinders sleep and becomes a factor inducing physical fatigue.

In order to eliminate physical fatigue and ease mental fatigue,
You can try to develop the following good habit of “anti-fatigue” to help drive away fatigue and improve your physical fitness! !

Improve tired physical fitness method 1: sleep

In order to eliminate fatigue and maintain a healthy physical and mental condition, sleep is the most effective.
Sleep can eliminate the fatigue of the body and the brain at the same time, and it is also an indispensable behavior for maintaining life.

What about sleep that can effectively relieve fatigue?

Sleep can: repair rusty cells
The reason why the human body gets tired is that the active oxygen produced by cells consuming oxygen makes other cells rust.

When cells rust, they produce fatigue substances called FF (Fatigue Factor).
As soon as the FF in the blood increases, the cell’s operating efficiency will decrease, like the brain sending out signals, people will feel tired.
After entering this state, the brain will take measures to deal with it.
As long as the fatigue factor FF in our body increases, we will begin to produce the fatigue recovery material FR (Fatigue Recover Factor) that repairs damaged cells.

The fatigue recovery substance FR will perform the task of repairing cells for 24 hours, but because there are too many reactive oxygen species produced during the day, the fatigue factor FF is also too high to be processed by FR.

Sleep can inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species, make the fatigue recovery factor FR more active, and accelerate cell repair.

Improve sleep quality
Some people say that sleeping for more than 9 hours is too long; others say that sleeping for less than 6 hours is too little.
In fact, the ideal sleep time is different for everyone.

The so-called sound sleep means that you sleep soundly and you have a clear mind when you wake up in the morning.
The important thing is to fall asleep at a fixed time and get up at a fixed time to cultivate a regular menstrual cycle.

Improving the quality of sleep is the same as getting enough sleep time, which is very helpful for eliminating fatigue.

Sleep can be divided into rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) periods. They alternate over and over again at intervals of about 90 minutes.
What can rest the brain is the “non-rapid eye movement period.” For this, you must adjust your biological clock to allow the alternation to proceed normally.

Good sleeping environment

Sound, light, temperature, humidity, pillows, quilts and other factors will greatly affect the quality of sleep.
Especially light will affect the secretion of “Melatonin” which activates the sleep switch.

Activities under bright lights and staring at the LCD screen before going to bed will hinder the secretion of melatonin.

One hour before going to bed, you can switch to softer lighting instead of watching TV, computers, mobile phones and other 3C products.

Taking a nap can also improve fatigue
Sleep at night is very important, and nap can also relieve fatigue.
There is no intense exercise, and the fatigue factor FF, which increases just by standing, can also be reduced by just closing your eyes and taking a nap.

A nap after lunch can not only activate the fatigue recovery factor FR, but also relax the rigid body, rest the brain, and improve concentration.

However, if you accidentally enter the boundary of deep sleep for more than 30 minutes, you will have a bad spirit after waking up, which will affect your work in the afternoon, so the appropriate time is 10-15 minutes.

Improve tired physical fitness method 2: take a bath

Taking a bath is a good way to relieve fatigue
Mental fatigue can be eliminated by relaxing the body.
Slowly immerse the body in the bathtub to restore the blood pressure, which has deteriorated due to poor circulation and increased due to tension, to its original state.

Soothes rigid muscles and can relax tight nerves completely.
So take a bath every day before going to bed, let your body and mind rest well, and then you can enter deep sleep.

Lukewarm half-body bath
The most effective temperature is 38-40 degrees, which is higher than body temperature, and the time is about 15 minutes.
If you soak for too long, the fatigue factor FF will increase, making the body feel tired.

When the upper body of the human body becomes warmer, the sympathetic nerves (responsible for coping with emergencies) will be dominant; when the lower body temperature rises, the parasympathetic nerves (responsible for resting body organs) dominate.
It is for this reason that the half-body bath is more effective in eliminating fatigue than the full-body bath.

In addition, it is better to take a bath after taking a rest for an hour after a meal.
In the cold winter, if you want to soak your shoulders, don’t adjust the water temperature too high. It is better to increase the temperature after soaking in. Sudden soaking in hot water is also very dangerous.

Massage in the bath
Just take a bath, blood circulation will be better, coupled with massage, the effect will be doubled!
If you massage in a stiff state, it will make you uncomfortable after getting up the next day.
After soaking in the bath and warming the body, this will not happen again when you massage.

You don’t have to go to a massage shop for massage. You can feel more comfortable by rubbing with a towel and pressing your body with your hands.

Use a bath lotion to relax

The aroma of the bath agent also has the effect of relieving fatigue.

Recently, the most popular are natural rock salt and herbal bath salts (bath salts for bathing).
The aroma of herbs can heal the soul, and the salt can help perspiration and detoxification.
Japan’s bathing agents since ancient times-“Acorus” and “Grapefruit”,
It also contains essential oils to improve blood circulation.

Prepare your favorite bathing agent first, and choose different flavors according to your mood.
Relax your tired body and mind.

Improve tired physique method 3: Forest bath
Forest bath can effectively relieve the cause of stress fatigue

The “swaying” of the forest can heal us.

Shining sunlight poured down from among the leaves,
The chirping of birds,
The gurgling sound of the river,
The gentle wind blowing in my ears,

These natural scenes are all “shaking”.
Changes without regularity are shaking.
Staying under the same lighting, staying at the same temperature, unable to touch the shaking.

If human beings stay in a shaking environment, they will feel happy and their parasympathetic nerves will also play a role.
It can eliminate stress and heal fatigue.

Use green fragrance to relieve fatigue

Geraniol and geranial have been scientifically proven to have anti-fatigue effects.

For example: the fragrance of mowing the lawn, the fragrance of opening a green tea can, the fragrance of new tea, and so on.
Green scent is not something that will work if you smell it every day.
Therefore, when you have the opportunity, you can enjoy the rich fragrance of green and change your mood by the way.

Method 4: Exercise
Doing exercise will produce fatigue factor FF, and then will produce fatigue recovery material FR.
Vigorous exercise will make the fatigue recovery factor FR too late to repair cells and accumulate fatigue.

However, if it is a simple exercise that does not produce fatigue factor FF, FR can instantly repair rusty cells!

Adopt Active Rest

You should be more active when you are tired and get into the habit of Active Rest~

After strenuous exercise, the body will usually be retracted and stretched.
Because it is better to do some relaxing exercises to relieve fatigue than to sit down and lie down.

It is not the kind of rest that is spread out on the sofa, but rather actively eliminates fatigue.
Therefore, it is better to go for a walk or swim at home instead of rolling around with nothing to do at home.

Inhibit the production of FF, make blood circulation better aerobic exercise

Do some simple exercises, you can build a body that is not easy to get tired.
Walking, jogging, and biking can be performed for a longer period of time than the intense exercise of sprinting with full strength.

You can start with a slight sweating speed and walk for 15 minutes a day.
30-40 minutes of walking can burn fat and prevent obesity.

Stretching can make the body less tired

You should stretch every day to relieve fatigue and understand your physical condition.

Stretching is to stretch the muscles within a comfortable range, about 20-30 seconds per session.
If you feel the pain and stretch it hard, it will make your muscles tight.

Stretching the body is to allow the stagnant blood to bring oxygen to the cells of the whole body. The brain has enough oxygen and the brain will be clear.

It is easier to stretch when the body temperature is higher, so stretching after a bath is the most effective.

Yoga can strengthen muscle strength

Yoga can exercise muscles that are not normally used, relieve muscles and bones, and regulate limbs.
And deep breathing can activate the parasympathetic nerve.

The combination of weight training, stretching, and deep breathing can not only eliminate fatigue, but also prevent muscle aging.

And you don’t need too much space to do yoga, you can enjoy yoga in a relaxed mood~

Method 5 to improve tired physique: diet
Modern people are usually out-eaters, eating abnormally three meals or eating casually.

To stay away from fatigue, you need to eat at least 30 kinds of foods every day, especially fresh vegetables and foods rich in fiber, as well as “anti-fatigue foods.”

Method 6 to improve tired physique: change mood

Mental stress can make a person more fatigued, so it is important to change your mood.

After the brain’s autonomic nerve center is oxidized by active oxygen, whether it is the sympathetic nerve that improves concentration or the parasympathetic nerve that makes the body relax and rest, the activities of both will decrease at the same time.

However, the resistance of the parasympathetic nerve to fatigue is weak, and it will drop more, leading to the superior position of the sympathetic nerve, which makes people fall into extreme tension and pressure.

When eating and sleeping, it activates the parasympathetic nerves,
Therefore, the parasympathetic nerve can be stimulated consciously.

You should rest when you are tired
If you are tired, you can take a deep breath outside, or go to the park or coffee shop to rest to activate your parasympathetic nerves.
Chatting with colleagues is also effective.

Take care of it
When encountering unreasonable Austrians and customers at work, and feel very tired,
You can change your mind, “This is just work, there is no need to deny yourself.” .

Anyway, what I think in my heart, only I know, no problem~

Escape from reality and shirk responsibility are all OK.
Just make the mood easier.

Do what you like

Doing what you like can refresh your brain.

Whether listening to music, reading magazines, or exercising, everyone has different ways to relax.

Even if you are too busy, you can stand up and look out the window.
Or closing your eyes for 1 minute will have a relaxing effect.

Method 7 to improve tired physique: see a doctor
If your situation has not improved,
Please don’t delay and seek medical advice as soon as possible.


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