How Macron Prepares the Battle of Paris

In the shadow of the Sainte-Clotilde basilica, in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Edouard Philippe and Benjamin Griveaux appear cheerful mood, Tuesday, September 18, in a popular pub of parliamentarians, ministers and journalists.

Is it to enjoy a craft beer stamped “La Parisienne” Or to mention the embarrassment of Anne Hidalgo? The day before, the surprise resignation of Bruno Julliard, first deputy mayor of Paris, made City Hall tremble. The number 2 of the capital matched his departure with a violent indictment, in an interview with Le Monde, against the “inefficient and lonely management”, “opportunism” and “denial” against the criticism of Mrs. Hidalgo.

Miniserism can only delight Mr. Griveaux, who covets the chair of the mayor of the capital. As for M. Philippe, the fate of Paris does not leave him indifferent, so much so that he has not twisted his neck so far to the rumor about his interest in the city. But the shocks that shake the town hall are watched with attention by Emmanuel Macron. The ambition of the head of state to conquer Paris in the municipal elections of 2020 is sharpened by the weakening of the municipal executive. Even if his strategy is still far from being stopped.

After the European stage, in May 2019, the municipal elections will be decisive for the President of the Republic. “Municipals will be successful if they allow us to consolidate the political reorganization we need for 2022,” says Pierre Person, head of elections at The Republic on the march (LRM) and MP for Paris. “They will be a life-size test on the theme: Macronism does exist,” says Griveaux. If we do not have a relay in the metropolis, the transformation of society will be slower and will be more difficult. Transformative power goes through …