How Many Images can be Saved in Google Photos Without Charging for the Service

Google announced that as of June 1 it will charge for the space used in Google Photos. So if you use this application for all the images on your cell phone, find out how many of them you can upload to the app that is no longer free.

In the same style as Gmail and Google Drive, Google Photos allowed you to use all the space that was needed, even if it was greater than 15 GB. However, after an agreement between all the products of the  company, in case the free storage is exceeded, it will be charged to continue enjoying the extra space.

In case you want to buy space, it will cost around 6.49 soles in case you opt for 100 GB, also this price will rise depending on the space you have on the cell phone.

In case you do not want to be charged, you can unlink your photos from Google Photos so that the message of acquisition of space does not appear on the cell phone screen.

How many photos can you store in Google Photos
Currently mobile devices can take the photos you want, but their weight will often depend on the quality in which they are recorded.

It is in such a way that if a device has a 64 megapixel camera and you want to make use of that configuration, an image can weigh around 6 MB.

15 GB of storage in Google Photos is represented by 15000 MB, so, taking calculations quite fast, you can upload around 2,500 images to the app.

This space can be affected when we upload a video, the same one that ends up occupying more in memory and, as a consequence, in the cloud.