How the Corona Crisis Made George Clooney A Househusband

George Clooney talks about Amal and his

New challenges for Oscar winner George Clooney
That’s really a little sensation! In the RTL interview, Hollywood star George Clooney (59) speaks openly about his private life and the many new challenges that the corona pandemic brings for his family. From worries about his little son to a whole new life, George Clooney is in a good chat. In the video, he reveals which pranks he teaches his kids at home.

RTL reporter Helen Höhne met actor George Clooney for an interview. Of course only virtually in his own screening room in his mansion in LA. Because the Hollywood star takes the pandemic very seriously and therefore avoids personal contact with other people – with the exception of his family. With his wife Amal (42) he has the three-year-old twins Ella and Alexander – and they come first for him.

George Clooney has a great responsibility for his children not only during the pandemic. “It is the responsibility of all parents to make sure that their children are safe,” he makes clear in the conversation.

For his little son Alexander, the coronavirus is a great danger because he has asthma, just like George Clooney himself. “So our first task is to make sure that we are very safe.” The whole family has to limit itself for this. “We haven’t left the house since March, but we’re going out for a walk. We are not even allowed to walk on the street, we have to stay inside. ”

George Clooney becomes a do-it-yourself man
The Clooneys have had to redesign their everyday lives since the pandemic. For the 59-year-old, this also means doing normal household chores. “I rewired some lights. I recently repaired the sewing machine. I now do things, fix things that I always had others fix back then, ”he reveals.

He raves about his wife Amal
But thanks to the pandemic, the Oscar winner now has a lot more time for his family – and he makes full use of it. Above all, the time with his wife Amal, to whom he said yes in 2014, is a gift for him. “I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather spend every second with,” he enthuses.

New film from “Midnight Sky”
But even if the actor has to step on the brakes professionally, there is still something new to see from him this year. On December 23, 2020, his latest film “Midnight Sky” will be shown on Netflix.


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