How the ex-President of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn has Fled to Lebanon

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday arrested Carlos Ghosn, 65, the former president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on Friday, for a violation of the Immigration Control Act. The search has begun. The District Prosecutors’ Office has requested cooperation from the Metropolitan Police Department, and will examine the circumstances leading up to departure, assuming that the former chairman has departed illegally using some means.

The site is a corner of a quiet residential area with high-end houses. When the press began to gather near his home, nearby residents came to see him.

Officials at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office had called out a contractor about an hour ago to unlock the entrance to Gone’s home. After that, four officers in suits with steep expressions walked into the house quickly, trying to separate the press gathered in front of the entrance.

Former defendant Carlos Ghosn, 65, who has fled to Lebanon, plans to hold a press conference in Beirut, the capital of the country, on Tuesday. One of the former chairman’s attorneys said .

Former President Ghosn said in a statement issued on the 31st after the fleeing, “I am finally able to communicate freely with the media. I am looking forward to starting next week.” Was shown.

The newspaper reported that one of his aides said, “(The former chairman) escaped in a box.” He said he was “a professional job,” he said. In this regard, Lebanon Media also said that a “ paramilitary group ” dressed as a music band visited the former president’s home in Tokyo, pretended to have finished playing, hid the former president in a wooden box to put instruments, and took him out Was reported.

The official Japanese radio and television, “NHK”, said that the court in which the trial of the former president of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, allowed him to keep a second French passport as long as he remained “in a locked box” bearing the key of Ghosn’s lawyers.

Ghosn’s chief attorney, Junichiro Hironaka, had previously said that attorneys held three Ghosn passports, which hold French, Brazilian and Lebanese nationalities.

Although there are no immigration data showing that Ghosn is officially leaving from a Japanese airport, the multinational businessman entered Lebanon with a French passport, according to Lebanese media reports, according to the Japanese Radio and Television Corporation.

It is noteworthy that Ghosn, who faces several charges related to financial irregularities, was released on bail with strict conditions last April, including the ban on travel abroad.

Despite his “escape” since last Monday, prosecutors and police appear to be preparing to begin investigations into the mysterious escape of Ghosn, as they believe he left “illegally”.

As part of the investigation, to be launched by the Japanese authorities, the analysis of the surveillance camera records at his home and other places suspected of a branch appeared before his escape.

It is worth noting that some countries allow their citizens to hold two passports of the same nationality, for reasons including travel cases to countries in conflict with each other.