How to Get Rid of the Smell of Refrigerator

 The refrigerator keeps the food fresh, but it also gives the unpleasant smell of storing a lot of foods. How do I get rid of the smell of a refrigerator?

Using vinegar is simple. Sprinkle vineger in a sprayer and sprinkle it in a refrigerator with food or grease. After 5 minutes, rub the area with a scrubber. In addition, when the bottle is opened in a refrigerator, the alcohol component removes the smell of the refrigerator. It is convenient because it does not need to be wiped separately.

Coffee can also be used as a deodorant. Remove the coffee and store the remaining coffee beans or old beans in the refrigerator. However, it is important to dry enough ground coffee beans. If you keep it in the refrigerator with water, it will make the unpleasant smell of the refrigerator because the mold grows.

There is also a method of taking with milk. Fat in milk is effective in catching odors. You can put milk in a bowl with a wide entrance and put it in the corner of the refrigerator.

To get rid of smells and dried spills in the refrigerator, empty it all the contents, then spray bicarbonate on a sponge and scrub all sides and shelves. Wash clean with a wet sponge. and when done – place a jar of bicarbonate inside. It removes the last smells.

In some cases, the refrigerator does not smell fresh simply. One simple trick is then to dip a piece of cotton in vanilla powder or vanilla extract and place it on a shelf. It acts as a deodorizer and instead emits its own good scent.

Lemon removes bad smells in a simple way. Squeeze lemon juice on a piece of cotton or sponge and leave it in the refrigerator for several hours. Make sure that before you pick out everything that can cause the bad smell.

plastic Lid
Dripping bottles and other leaking containers can cause chaos on the refrigerator shelves. Take plastic caps that you place under the food containers to stop any leaks and spills. If they are dirty then they are just washing dishes while your refrigerator shelves are kept clean.

When you empty the refrigerator, you mix a handful of salt with almost four liters of hot water. Then take a clean sponge and wash through the entire refrigerator. The liquid is not “abrasive” so it becomes young scratches, and you do not need to inhale chemical.

You open the refrigerator and a nauseating smell hits your nostrils like disgusting mixture of onion, garlic and something you should have probably thrown out a month ago. The worst part is that you know that if you do not do something soon, the unpleasant aroma will impregnate in all food and even in the house. Take note and check out some ways to remove the bad smell from the refrigerator before it becomes irreversible.

Although there are some homemade tricks to stop the bad smell of the refrigerator, they do not spare you from having to clean it in detail. It is necessary that you review all the food to identify the one that has already been spoiled and that you wash each shelf to remove stains and liquids that have fallen.

For best results we suggest you mix your detergent with a few drops of vanilla essence, pineapple or strawberry. In case the odor is very penetrating, you should mix one liter of water with baking soda and chlorine to carve with this substance every corner of your refrigerator.

Tomato Juice
You can easily get rid of old food odor in both fridge and frost using tomato juice. When you remove it that smells, scrub the inside of the fridge and freezer with a sponge or cloth soaked in tomato juice. Rinse with warm water, soap water and dry. If the odor persists, repeat the procedure or use vinegar instead.

Vanilla Powder
Do you have problems with smells even though you have scrubbed clean, then wipe the inside with vanilla powder. To keep the delicious scent, dip a cotton ball into vanilla powder and leave in the refrigerator.


Vinegar is an even more effective detergent than bicarbonate. Use equal parts of vinegar as water to wash both the inside and outside of the fridge, including the edges of the door and the fruit boxes. To prevent mold growth, wash the walls on the inside with the strongest vinegar, undiluted, on a towel. Also good on the top of the fridge. Then you can put in a can of bicarbonate to keep the