How to Prevent Mosquitoes Bite

Remove stagnant water Mosquito larvae usually live in ponds, gutters, or stagnant vessels. …
Installing  screen or mosquito nets Installing screen is an important way to keep mosquitoes away from the door. When you enter or leave your home, you should close the screen and repair them as soon as possible. …
Electric mosquito swatter or mosquito trap lamp …
Mosquito coil / electric mosquito coil …
Anti-mosquito liquid …
Anti-mosquito patch/bracelet …
Mosquito repellent plant

After the summer weather temperature rises, the number of mosquitoes will increase, especially when the outdoor children are bitten by mosquitoes without paying attention, but the fine skin is so big that it is swollen, especially the eyelids, the eyes can’t be opened . Parents were anxious to rub antipruritic anti-inflammatory drugs but did not improve it. It turned out that the child caused an allergic reaction to mosquitoes and the so-called “angioedema” appeared.

Mosquito saliva induces allergic hormones in young children
Angioedema is not a rare disease, and it occurs in adults and children, but it has a higher probability of appearing in young children, children’s skin is relatively tender, In addition, the immune system has not been fully developed. For some species of mosquitoes, such as the small black mosquito, it will not disappear after it bites, and even causes edema in both eyes. This is a severe allergic reaction.

Mosquitoes may induce a large amount of allergic hormones in young children’s bodies, which can cause obvious redness and itching in a short time, which in turn can cause severe urticaria and angioedema. The main symptom is swelling of the deep cortex, which usually occurs on the human limbs, eyelids, or lips, but it may also occur inside the body. A small number of patients with edema will affect the trachea, causing difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath.

People with allergies are more likely to cause “angioedema”
But in fact, adults also have angioedema, the situation is not as serious as that of children, because the immune system is more mature. However, it is more likely to be caused by people who have allergies themselves, and the general public is also possible. So still pay attention. But if it happens to young children, it is better to go to the Pediatric Allergy Immunology Department to show the doctor.

If it has really happened, the clinical treatment can be taken orally with antihistamine drugs, or steroid ointment, with appropriate ice, the situation will soon improve. If there is no treatment without treatment, people with allergies may cause breathing difficulties.”

Various allergens can cause “angioedema
To prevent angioedema caused by mosquitoes, the best way to prevent it is to wipe the mosquito repellent as long as you are in the wild. You can wear light-colored long-sleeved underwear, but if the symptoms are still very serious, it is best to take medicine quickly treatment.

But in fact, not only mosquitoes can cause angioedema, other allergens, such as: new foods, medicines, clothing, substances in contact with the body, such as all foods, wipes, and inhalations, are all possible allergens. .  Angioedema is unpredictable and not caused by infection, but some people are caused by hereditary angioedema.”


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