How to Read News on Your Android Smartphone

One of the problems that often surface by analyzing the “always-on, always connected” world is the information overload, and the difficulty of the individual to filter and select them effectively, according to their interests.

The Internet has the reputation of being a “journalist” more impartial than traditional media, such as newspapers, radio and TV, and is one of the reasons why the habit of finding out about what is happening in the world through the Web is becoming increasingly common.

Another big advantage is that it has no timetable: updates take place practically in real time, at any time of day or night, at Christmas or at mid-August. And it is richer, in-depth and detailed. So vast that, without the proper tools, it is easy to get lost in its meanders.

Thinking of following the hundreds of thousands of sites that publish incessantly facts and articles, from Astrophysics to Zoology, is absolutely impossible, even assuming to have 24 hours of time a day.

One of the most widespread and appreciated “adequate tools” mentioned above are RSS feeds, that is, news flows formatted in a simple and accessible way, which the information websites make available to users free of charge. The data contained in the flow are appropriately manipulated and processed by a client application, ie a reader of RSS feeds, which takes care to show them correctly ordered (usually chronological, from the most recent to the most obsolete) in a single window, application or page, thus eliminating the need to connect each time to the original site for updates.

The ability to remove from the streams the articles that have already been read, thus keeping them fresh and updated, has been further enhanced by Google and its web Reader service, which allows this type of synchronization on any of our devices: it will be possible to read a sort of “super newspaper” on the home PC, continue the operation on the screen of our tablet during the journey to work, or on the company PC during the lunch break, and so on. Unfortunately, Google Reader has been closed and now all that remains is to find valid alternatives. Which? Here are some.

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