How to Regain the Lost Motivation

It is normal to have no motivation on some days, and motivation can sometimes be restored through a little rest and relaxation. But if you want to get back motivation for other reasons, here are a few ways to help you get back motivation

1. Get back to the original intention
As time goes by, you may forget your original goal for various other reasons, or fail to complete your small goal because it is his business. At this time, you can find out your original intention

Ask yourself “Why do you want to do this?” Maybe you want to stand on the stage dazzlingly, maybe you want to draw stunning masterpieces
Ask yourself “What I am doing now, can I achieve my goal?”

Ask yourself “How can I achieve my goal?”
Of course, you can’t rule out the reasons that make you lose motivation. You can evaluate what you’re currently doing. It may be because your priorities for doing things have changed over time, so you need to reassess this matter for you. The importance of because “not so important” things can be done with little motivation.

I suggest you also take some time to re-evaluate your most important goals, and ask yourself whether your most important goals have been adjusted, and have your dreams changed? Do you still want to finish it? If you want to fulfill your dream, what will you do next?

2. Reorganize your office
Rearrange your office, throw away things you don’t need, and replace items that cause discomfort. You can also put the motivation for you to stick to the eye-catching place, which may be photos, models, your favorite brand, and rearranging your work to make your working place more comfortable and personal can make you more efficient.

3. Re-dismantle your goals
You don’t have to complete your goal all at once. When the goal is too big, you don’t know how to accomplish it and lose motivation. To disassemble your big goals, you can use planners, checklists, and sticky notes to remind you of what you want to accomplish every day. If your goal is relatively large and takes a long time to complete, you may miss some important small details when you disassemble, so you need to confirm your goal every week, and complete a small goal every day. Confirming your goal progress once a week is a way to keep yourself motivated.

4. Gamify your goals
Think of you as the protagonist of an RPG game, and do a lot of things every day to grow, get more ability points, and point more skill trees. Of course, you usually play a game with a well-designed script, so the progress is usually smooth, but life is not a fixed script. It is inevitable to encounter some difficulties. Challenges are difficult places where fun, like If the boss fails to challenge once, he will go to upgrade, point more skill trees, and challenge 100 times. There will always be one success! Gamification thinking is like operating yourself as the protagonist. Treat your dismantling small goals as daily tasks. When you complete the tasks, you will get a certain reward and tick your checklist. This way you Not only can I feel my own growth, but I can also enjoy it more and stay motivated to accomplish my goals.

5. Don’t doubt yourself
When you doubt yourself, it is easy to lose motivation. You have to believe that you can accomplish your goals! Don’t doubt your abilities just because you didn’t succeed once, just like playing a game, after accumulating more experience points, you will be able to complete the task more easily. You can tell yourself every day that you are great!