How to Reverse Hair Loss and Gray Hair

Poor intestines and stomach will affect body function, poor body function will lead to hair loss and gray hair. Nutrients supplemented to nourish the hair cannot be absorbed smoothly. People with poor stomach and intestine have finer hair, and the thinner the hair, the easier it is to lose hair. In addition to digestion, the intestine is also the body’s largest immune organ, which can eliminate aggressive microorganisms and viruses.

Modern people do not eat breakfast for a long time, resulting in insufficient nutrition, affecting the nutrients needed by the body and hair, supplementing the nutrients needed in the body, and a balanced diet, which can reduce the rate of whiteheads.

Nutrition and health are also closely related to sunlight exposure. Moderate iron deficiency anemia, malnutrition, lack of protein, lack of copper ions, hypothyroidism, and acidic physique may reduce melanin in the body, causing black hair to gradually turn yellowish brown or light. yellow.

Black and beautiful hair is related to a balanced diet. We should avoid eating chemicals, high frying, animal fats, barbecues, canned processed foods, sugar-rich beverages, and pickled foods, and use natural fruits and vegetables. Nutrition studies have proved that supplementing more foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals can nourish the hair, promote the synthesis of melanin, and effectively prevent hair loss and gray hair.

Chewing slowly and swallowing can increase saliva secretion, neutralize excessive gastric acid, balance acidity and alkalinity, and protect the stomach. Chewing slowly and swallowing can also prevent dementia, while gorging can easily lead to obesity.

Eating a seven-point satiety every day is the most healthy
Eating a seven-point fullness is the most healthy and not easy to gain weight. The gastrointestinal function is weak. The food you eat cannot be fully digested, resulting in insufficient nutrition. The mother cell function is slow, and the hair loss will prevent the growth of new hair and cause baldness. Therefore, you must pay attention to gastrointestinal digestion. Eat foods that are good for the digestive system. People with poor stomach and intestines have weaker hair and even have a taciturn personality.

Three taboos after a meal
Do not take a bath immediately.
Do not lie down and sleep immediately.
Do not sit for a long time.

Eat more seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits
Eat an apple every day to keep your stomach and intestines digested.

Eat more enzymes or probiotics to help gastrointestinal digestion
Enzymes can help decompose food, have anti-aging and anti-aging effects; probiotics can improve the intestines and stomach, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, enhance immunity, and are less susceptible to colds. When you are sick, increase the intake of enzymes or probiotics, and the symptoms will get better. Pay attention to the good quality enzymes or probiotics, regardless of diarrhea or constipation. Do not choose a brand that will make you diarrhea. This is usually A small amount of laxatives are consumed by dieters, and long-term use is harmful to health.

Drink enough good water every day
Weight (kg)×35=The amount of water needed in a day (ml). When you are thirsty, drink slowly one by one. Drink warm water to help metabolism and detoxification.

Rice water separation method
Do not eat with soup, water or beverages during meals. Do not drink water before and 2 hours after a meal, because there is no soup and other liquids, it will chew slowly, which can stimulate the oral cavity to secrete more saliva, help the food to be swallowed easily, and also stimulate the secretion and absorption of gastric digestive juice. And excessive gastric acid, balance the acid and alkalinity, and protect the stomach. The focus of separation of rice and water is to chew slowly, not to drink without soup. It can also prevent dementia, and gulping can easily lead to obesity. But if you are not used to not drinking, try to reduce the amount of soup and water as much as possible, which is really helpful for the stomach.

Rinse mouth with mouth water for one minute to save the stomach and intestines
A healthy person will secrete about one liter of saliva every day. First, gently press the tongue against the upper jaw to collect the saliva. Then use your own saliva to gargle 36 times, the saliva will produce many bubbles, and then swallow the saliva in one breath. Dantian, repeated 5-6 times a day can improve gastrointestinal digestion.


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