Huawei’s Financial Director Struggled to Avoid Handing Over to the United States

During the hour-long session, the lawyers of Ming Wanzhou, whose case has been at the center of a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China since its arrest last December, objected to her “illegal” arrest in Vancouver on December.

The 47-year-old Minghui spokesman “will demand an end to extradition proceedings,” Huawei spokesman in Canada Benjamin Hughes said outside the courtroom. “Ms. Ming’s criminal file is based on false allegations,” he said, adding that her arrest was the result of “political factors.”

The court will hold the next hearings in this case from September 23 to October, but will be devoted to legal aspects. As for the request, it will not begin officially until January.

Procedures for extradition can take months, if not years, because of the right of repeated appeal.

The US Justice Department has accused Huawei and its financial director of circumventing US sanctions against Iran, which Ming’s lawyers denied.

US President Donald Trump said in December he was ready to intervene in the Ming case if he was allowed to negotiate a good trade deal with China, which angered Canada.

Ming’s lawyers on Wednesday described Trump’s statement as “intimidating and undermining the rules of law.”