Hundreds of Deported Migrants From Greece Arrived in Turkey

RefugeecampinGreece on Monday began deporting the first convey of 202 migrants to Turkey as a part of the European Union’s deal with Ankara to limit immigrants seeking refuge in European countries.

The EU border protection agency, Frontex, is leading the program and escorting the migrants to a nearby port in Izmir in Turkey.

“All of the migrants returned are from Pakistan, except for two migrants from Syria who returned voluntarily. 136 people were deported from Lesbos and 66 others from the island of Chios, where police forces clashed with residents opposing the deportation hours earlier during a protest.

Reports revealed different numbers of refugees expected in Turkey on Monday, with the BBC saying that Turkish officials are expecting 500 migrants arriving in the first convey.

Kurdish and other refugees stuck in a makeshift camp in the Greek border town of Idomeni and blocked from entering Europe under an EU deal, talked to a Rudaw reporter on Sunday. They called on authorities to let them in, many recounting tales of deprivation and despair.

“We have been here for two months now and we want the authorities to open the door for us so we can pass. Every one of us is out of money now and our children are sick,” a refugee from Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaimani told a Rudaw reporter in Idomeni, which is on the border with Macedonia.

Another refugee from Syrian Kurdistan, or Rojava, said he had escaped war and all he wanted is a safe place.