Hyundai HB20 2022 Add Stability Control And 4 Series Airbags

Before optional package becomes part of the Sense, Vision and Evolution versions of the hatch, sedan and adventurer
Hyundai makes an interesting change to the 2022 line of HB20, HB20S and HB20X. The Sense, Vision and Evolution versions, which had safety packages as options, now add them as a standard item, such as traction and stability controls, ramp start assistant, 4 airbags and collision alerts with automatic braking (no Evolution 1.0 turbo).

The Sense (1.0) and Vision (1.0) versions receive traction and stability controls, ramp start assistant and side airbags as standard (totaling 4 inflatable bags), previously part of the Sense Pack and Vision Pack. Vision 1.6 (automatic and manual) already had the packages and does not undergo changes, however Vision 1.0 maintains the blueMedia multimedia system as an option in the hatch. Evolution 1.0 versions (HB20 and HB20S) now have the reverse camera as standard.

Evolution 1.0 turbo versions receive collision alert with automatic braking and lane departure alert as standard. See how the line and prices of the HB20, HB20S and HB20X are – the other versions will be changed to the 2022 line soon.

On this World Water Day, meet the Hyundai that is capable of producing … water! With a range of 610 kilometers on a battery charge, the #Nexo is a hydrogen-powered crossover that eliminates H20 through the exhaust. And no prototype, huh: the model is sold in some countries and the plans are to expand not only its production but also to apply the technology to light and heavy commercial vehicles.


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