Hyundai Motor Company recruits 5th SNS ambassador ‘H-Stylist’

Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 11th that it is recruiting 5 ‘H-Stylists’ to promote Hyundai Motor’s mobility life through SNS channels.

Hyundai Motor has been recruiting ‘H-stylists‘ every year since 2018 to strengthen communication with the MZ generation, who are familiar with online exchanges.

The ‘H-Stylists‘ selected for this jockey will be active for about three months from September, and the mission is to experience Hyundai/Genesis vehicles according to the concept and lifestyle of the channel they are operating, and to upload related video and image content. will perform

To this end, Hyundai Motor provides a total of three test-drive vehicles per person in consideration of the participants’ preferences, and provides additional rewards such as monthly activity fee payment and additional rewards to those with excellent monthly/final activities, and the benefit of attending non-face-to-face lectures related to video and photography for 6 months. It aims to support the creation of novel contents by providing them. ( Test drive vehicles will be supported every 4 weeks)

In addition, additional benefits such as support for various test drives/brand promotion experiences will be provided for all participants even after the activity is over.

Any YouTube creator or Instagram influencer with a driver’s license between the ages of 21 and 29 for the 5th ‘H-Stylist‘ can apply. can be supported through

A Hyundai Motor official said, “In the era of Corona 19, when the tedious and limited daily life has become a daily thing, the meaning and use of the car is evolving beyond a means of transportation and into a space of your own. I hope it will be a unique opportunity to experience Hyundai‘s ‘Mobility Life‘.”