Hyundai Motors Launches Sonata N Line

Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 12th (Thursday) that it will release the Sonata N Line, which was created based on the sensibility of high-performance N.

Hyundai Motor Company completed the Sonata lineup, which encompasses both fuel economy, design, and powerful driving performance by adding N-line models to the Sonata Hybrid and Sensuous.

Achieved the highest power ever recorded by the Sonata, powerful power performance from the 2.5 turbo engine
Hyundai Motor Company achieved the highest output of 290 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 43.0 kgf m by installing a Smart Stream gasoline 2.5 turbo engine and an 8-speed wet dual clutch transmission (N DCT) on the Sonata N line, and a fuel of 11.1 km/ℓ. It has consumption efficiency (fuel economy). ( Based on 19-inch tires) Based on this, it has the most powerful power performance among the Sonata ever since it reaches 100 km/h in only 6.5 seconds from a standstill. (6.2 seconds when using launch control)

A differentiated driving sensibility has been realized by applying the driving-specific specifications of the high-performance N that was introduced through the existing Veloster N, along with the power performance of the Sonata N line, which has been enhanced to the maximum, and has improved marketability with various safety and convenience specifications.

In the Sonata N line ‘Revolution matching’, which instantly adjusts the engine speed when the transmission stage is lowered while driving to smooth the shift and enable quick re-acceleration. Optimal engine torque and wheel spin when starting from a standstill ‘Launch Control’ that provides maximum acceleration performance through control. ‘Indoor virtual engine sound (Active Sound Design, ASD)’ that enhances the driving sensibility. ‘N Power Shift’ that enhances the feeling of acceleration when shifting. Driving mode A large number of high-performance driving-specific specifications for the N model were applied, such as’differentiating the shift pattern’ that provides customized acceleration.

In addition, it has high safety by applying intelligent safety technologies such as front collision avoidance assistance  lane departure prevention assistance  lane maintenance assistance  driver attention warning  high beam assistance  front vehicle departure notification.

In addition,  Hyundai Digital Key  BOSE Premium Sound (12 speakers, external amplifier) ​​Driver’s Seat Posture Memory System (IMS)  Convenience specifications that are receiving good responses from customers in basic models such as passenger seat relaxation comfort seats are also applied to the Sonata N line. Increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to this, N performance parts include. Monoblock Brake Hybrid Disc. Low Steel Pad. ‘Monoblock Brake & 19inch Lightweight Wheel Package’ consisting of 19 inch black lightweight wheels and real carbon wheel caps. Monotube shock absorber. Lowering spring ‘N Performance Suspension’ consisting of Real carbon rear spoiler is a plan to satisfy even customers seeking a more robust driving performance and sporty image.

High-performance, sporty design maximized
The Sonata N line has been reborn into a more dynamic appearance by adding the sporty sense of high-performance N to the innovative design completed based on’Sensuous Sportiness’.

On the front side, N-line exclusive parametric jewel pattern grille. Front wing that holds the vehicle’s stance and emphasizes sportiness. The N-line emblem that gives the identity of high-performance N highlights the Sonata’s dynamics.

The side is 19-inch alloy wheels for the N-line and, the side sills that make the body look as low as possible, and the rear part is the lower part of the bumper that stands out in black high-gloss point color and the dual twin tip muffler  aerodynamically designed The spoiler harmonizes to emphasize the high-performance image.

The interior design of the Sonata N Line ark gray and red stitching points are applied to emphasize the sportiness of the N Line the N logo engraved on the seat and steering wheel the first row bucket seats are installed, so it is dynamic around the driver. The interior space was implemented.

The sale price of the Sonata N line is  premium 35,53 million won exclusive 34.95 million won inspiration 36.42 million won. ( Based on 3.5% point tax)

In commemoration of the launch of the Sonata N Line, Hyundai Motor Company presents the’Sonata N Line X Paik Kun-Woo Photography Exhibition’, which introduces works that maximize the sporty charm of the Sonata N line through collaboration with artist Paik Kun-woo, known as a professional automobile photographer.

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