” If Washington does Not Return Gülen, It will have Sacrificed Turkey to A Terrorist

hhhThe United States should not risk sacrificing its longtime relationship and alliance with Turkey over “a terrorist”, the country’s Justice Minister, Bekir Bozdağ, said on Tuesday.

Bozdağ was referring to self-exiled cleric Fethullah Gulün, the US-based cleric the Turkish government blames for orchestrating the failed coup attempt last month.

“If Washington does not return him, it will have sacrificed Turkey to a terrorist,” he claimed, before adding that, “The United States is a great state and I believe it will do what is expected from a great state.”

Bozdag also warned that anti-American feelings in Turkey were at “peak” levels given the widespread belief that Gülen was behind the coup. He added that these feelings could devolve into outright hatred of the US if Gülen is not extradited to Turkey.

An estimated 270 people died in the attempted coup and another 2,200 were injured.