‘Impeachment’ Process Against US President Trump

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The president of the House of Representatives of the United States and third authority of the country, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announced Tuesday the launch of the previous investigation for the impeachment process against Donald Trump. After more than two years of comings and goings with the Russian plot, the final trigger has been a scandal over Trump’s alleged pressures on Ukraine to undermine the electoral candidacy of Democrat Joe Biden, which has triggered the great battle of Washington. This will be the fourth open process of these characteristics, a sort of parliamentary trial, which the US Congress sets in motion throughout its history.

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“The actions carried out by the president represent a serious violation of the Constitution,” Pelosi said in a Capitol appearance at five in the afternoon. “The president must be accountable,” he added, “no one is above the law.” The impeachment, a complex operation and of political results not always good for those who promote it, has been a reason for debate for the Democrats, divided between those who were suspicious – like Pelos herself – and those who claimed it. Today that process is already a reality and, although it does not necessarily imply that they end up voting to accuse the president, the investigation itself will mark what remains of the presidency and take the 2020 election campaign by the White House to a new phase.

The president’s reaction came through Twitter and accused the Democrats of being “witch hunts” against him. “Such an important day at the United Nations, so much work, such success, and the Democrats have spoiled it on purpose and have belittled it with more breaking news of witch hunt garbage. It is very bad for our country!”, Trump’s tweet ended.

The news of the last days raised the number of voices calling for the parliamentary trial. The origin of the Ukrainian case, still to be baptized, is in a telephone call dated July 25 between the president of the United States and that of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski. In it, the American allegedly pressured his counterpart to investigate for corruption the former vice president of the Barack Obama Administration, a favorite in the polls to challenge him in next year’s elections, and his son, Hunter Biden, for his business in the country while his father was in the Government. The alleged maneuver transcended a few days ago as part of the complaint of a confidant whose testimony had been hidden from Congress.

Trump denied pressure, but he did acknowledge having spoken with the Ukrainian president about Biden. And this Tuesday, with the expectations of the impeachment already red hot, shortly before the announcement of Pelosi, he tried to change the direction of the events announcing that he would allow the publication of the transcript of the complete talk with Zelenski. It was not enough, the Democrats want to read and listen to everything that confidant has to tell about it. This, according to the American press, has already offered to cooperate with Congress.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker asked the Ukrainian up to eight times to open an investigation against the Biden in collaboration with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. In addition, according to the same newspaper, he carried out this maneuver while blocking the delivery of an aid of 250 million dollars, which were finally released in September. Giuliani has admitted his pressure. The former mayor of New York also met in June in Paris with an official of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and in August in Madrid with an advisor to Zelenski, Andriy Yermak.

The snowball had already rolled enough this Tuesday and the president of the Chamber, until now one of the voices reluctant to impeachment, stepped forward. This Tuesday he accused Trump of “treason to national security and treason to the integrity of our elections.” In recent days, Pelosi had probed moderate Democratic congressmen who believed the president would have crossed an impassable border if he used his power to pressure a foreign leader in order to harm a political rival, in addition to keeping it secret for him. Congress denouncing a member of the Administration.

With these accusations on the table, Trump was again faced with the accusation of maneuvering with a foreign power to harm the electoral possibilities of one of his likely rivals in the presidential elections.

The special investigation into the Russian plot deemed Moscow’s interference proven to favor Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 but found no evidence about the tycoon’s conchabanza or his surroundings in this ploy. Nor was it conclusive – due to the legal limitations of accusing a president – of a possible crime of obstruction of justice. That cooled the mood of many Democrats to rush for the impeachment process. This time the mood has changed, but the complications of the process remain the same.

Only two impeachment processes have been completed in American history, that of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 and that of Bill Clinton in 1998, but none prospered. Richard Nixon resigned due to the Watergate case, before the process initiated in the House of Representatives flourished. The Johnson and Clinton processes went ahead in the lower house and came face to face with the Senate. That can happen now. Since November, the Democrats have the necessary majority in the House of Representatives to promote a process of impeachment, but it will hardly prosper with the Senate of a still Republican majority, since it requires the support of two thirds of the senators.

Trump reacted as expected on his Twitter account: “They haven’t even seen the transcript of the call!” This Tuesday if you fulfill what you promised, you can see it. The battle just started.

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The president of the House of Representatives of the United States and third authority of the country, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announced Tuesday the launch of the previous investigation for the impeachment process against Donald Trump.

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